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Seeking Baits Thread (Check before you Chuck!)

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I'm looking for:
princess pony
3 divine shines,
flower flash
2 of the dollar tree transparent light up g3 fakies as long as light works

I'm looking for a bait Love Melody (or any other bait Rapunzel pose G1 - Sweet Tooth)
Just drop me a message if you have one for sale!
I can trade for a pony from my sales if you want or just buy. =)

looking for dancing butterflies pose (peg) in the uk :)

Sweet Daes:
Here is my Google Doc with all details and my updated bait pile inventory. Please message me with your order~!

Clicky clicky
Thank you!

I have a few baits for sale/trade link
Most notable:
Twinkle Eye Sky Rocket - her only non-issue is her beautiful symbols
G3 baby Romperrooni
G4 Fashion Style Pinkie Pie
G4 "zilla" fashion style Princess Twilight Sparkle


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