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PC : uncommon (?) G4 ponies

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Hi there :)

Id like to trade some G4 ponies soon but Im a little clueless about their current worth. Can you help me out?

Lulu Luck
Cheerilee (with bangs)

MOC Coloratura (pearlized)
MOC Cherry Berry (pearlized)
MOC Pursey Pink
MOC Starlight Glimmer (pearlized)

MOC Friendship is Magic Collection Princess Luna Single (that Nightmare Night Mini figure)

all are in good / great condition! No major flaws, still need to clean some but I didnt notice anything visible. The MOC may have storage wear.

Thank you in advance!

can't really help with the others, but i also have an moc coloratura and i know she's been going for around $10-14 lately.

thank you :)

No idea w/ prices, but if you're selling the FiM Collection Luna figure I'd definitely be interested :) I've been hunting for her for ages.

Shes in my trade offer now, let me know if youre interested!

Bumping this, anybody with prices?


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