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PC on Nightglider w/ Backcard


Hi! I was hoping for a few price check on the following cuties. I can't seem to upload pictures at the moment, so hang in there with me.

Nightglider is in excellent condition, her backcard is in OK condition.

Thanks all!

I'm not sure on price, but am interested in Scribbles. I paid around $50 for my Dabbles with flaws, but have no idea if that's fair for Scribbles or not.

The bookmarks seem to be trending around $20 each. If i were richer, I would be pm'ing you right now! Good luck!

Thanks Aurora! Much appreciated. :)

Thank-you Strawberry, as well. I have responded to your PM!

Scribbles used to sell for a higher price than Dabble but I think that was part to do with Dabble's streaks discolouring so easily :/


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