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I have just been through the archive (and broke the search) looking for her and couldn't find a more recent PC than 2012ish which said she was around $20-25. Is that still about right for Paradise Baby Beachball or has she gone up/down in this time? I have never had a double of her before as she wasn't sold in the UK, so I would appreciate any help on this.

Hi Taffeta! Looking forward to seeing you again in October! I find that that set seems to solidly rest between the $20-30 mark, with Beach Ball venturing toward the lower end, and Palm Tree toward the higher. Im sure $22-$25 would work for her!

Hugs! Whitney

Thanks Whitney :D That was my impression too, it's good to have it confirmed. She's just been spa bathed so I will check her over when her hair has dried and see what issues she has, then work on that as a benchmark. She looks ok, but I won't be sure till I get her groomed and photographed.

Definitely see you in October! I'm hoping that this year you might have a US Baby Bright Bow, since I am sure I have bought almost all my other US version Rainbow Baby ponies from you at ponycon, one after the other...;)

I thoroughly agree. They don't pop up often!
Im very interested in Beach Ball in case you are selling, Taffeta!


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