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Hello!  Can anyone make any educated guesses about what kind of doll hair this is?  I got it off Taobao, where it was described as "wig hair DIY high temperature wire straight hair".  (Powder's there for size comparison.)

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It's very smooth and soft, but also kind of springy?  Like it might need a boil to lie nicely on a pony's neck.  (Haven't actually used any on a custom yet.)

Do you think it may be like the sort of nylon TheDollPlanet sells? That hair you basically have to style with heat, if you curl it with a curling iron does it hold?

Springy makes me think polypropylene. Poly doesn't hold curls.

Thank you for these tips!  So a way to check would be to use a curling iron on a bit and see if it holds a curl?  Or boil it?

I would go with boiling, personally.


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