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I have them all I think loose but if they happen and they have the longer hair I will be absolutely up for it. :)

Sweetheart Sisters have a nice mold, but I think my biggest issue with them is... the lack of any unique theming to them. Most of them are one colour (pink body, pink hair/purple body, purple hair and so on) and their symbols are either too basic (hearts, stars, flowers...) or too "frilly" (like those bouquet/prom-themed ones). Either way, they don't "speak" to me the way G2 does.

I love unconventional symbols (Star Hopper, Alphabittle) but I don't shy away from more classical ones. The right color scheme can make a pony really pop out, like Heart Throb! I find her "simple", but well executed: pink on pink and winged hearts works for a Valentine-themed pony, and making her a pegasus ties with her symbol and rounds the whole thing together. I love designs like that.

...And with the unicorn craze going on, I really wish a different toy franchise took off and measured up to Hasbro in a similar way Yo-Kai Watch "woke up" Pokémon in terms of popular battle-monster collecting critters. We might not have gotten much from it (YKW is definitely not as commonplace as it was a few years ago), but on the Pokémon side we got some unexpected surprises on Gen 7, so... yeah, Hasbro needs something that makes them go "Hey, we ARE the brushable horsie toy franchise here!!"

Also, I've decided baby ponies are not for me, doesn't matter the generation. I prefer adult proportions better.

On the SHS subject, Frilly Flower and Fancy Flower have always bothered me.
This is definitely an opinion informed in part by the fact I grew up in the UK where they weren't part of the set. But they just seem so wrong all over. It's not that I dislike them as ponies, just that they don't belong with the other four.

All the others have body and hair the same rough colour, and these two it's all over the place. The names also seem kind of last minute 'what words go with flower' rather than having any proper thought put into them. And Frilly Flower doesn't even have her own earring/ribbon colour, she's pinched Flowerburst's (who already had the 'flower in the name' covered, by the way).

They just don't fit in for me.

And I also think that US Hasbro was nuts putting shs with earrings on backcards with bubble blisters rather than in boxes. What were they even thinking?

Yeah, as much as I love SHS, I have to admit that their symbols are all pretty boring. Not that EVERY pony has to have a super flashy unique symbol, but the SHS symbols do kinda blend into one for me.

I actually am fine with the original set of SHS (the two oddballs aside) in terms of their colour blend, but don't understand the point of more or less repeating it, including the colourings, for the pretty ponies. A set that I don't care at all was missed off the US list. It just seems unnecessary. If it was genuinely a beginner pony fan targeted set, at least make it stand out...?

I love the glittering shs and the prom queens, also. I wish we'd had the prom queens here. Even though, culturally speaking, it wouldn't have made any sense at the time of the release.


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