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--- Quote from: invaderhorizongreen on November 27, 2021, 10:33:25 PM ---You are not kidding on gen on ponies I dont see them here in the states often and most of the auctions go for outrageous amounts.

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--- Quote from: Taffeta on November 27, 2021, 10:39:57 PM ---Honestly - as a lifelong G1 collector - I can understand that perspective.

If I didn't grow up with G1 and collect them when they were common and easy to get at second hand sales, I probably wouldn't have so many now. 90% of my G1 collection - in terms of actual ponies - was put together before 2001. So yeah.

I think selling and buying in general was better back when Ebay was predominately private people selling stuff and more geared up to people selling to other collectors rather than some random person who found a pony in their attic and want 300$ for it even though it's dog eared and broken.

I can't speak for any local experiences you might have, but online sellers shipping internationally has always been an issue and there have always been people who will somehow find a way to make it your fault that you happen to live overseas. It is more complicated than it used to be to ship overseas, which hasn't helped, but the attitude sometimes people give over it is...a shame.

I actually don't know what G1s were or were not sold in your part of Europe, and I'm not sure if anyone's done any serious research into it. That may be a factor though. But there is also a culture of overpricing, usually by people who don't know what they are selling and want to make a quick profit.

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Yeah I do always keep in mind that's the nature of trying to collect something older.
I do need to look into buying from Ebay, there were some cheaper ponies but the shipping made them two or three times as expensive. But maybe I just should look more into it to find sellers that sell multiple items that I want and merge shipping costs etc. I feel like it would make it so collecting takes less time but it's more expensive.

I haven't tried yet to get items from overseas but I had issues with people not wanting to send items from one end of a country to another so I'm not surprised that some people may not want to ship outside their country.

I actually mentioned availability of G1's in Poland on another forum post, I assume that they could've been sold here but I'm unsure how widely (I know 100% that G2's were as available as any other toy since I was around to see them in stores). I may have to look into finding and asking some older collectors from my country since I'm curious to see other's experiences and learn more about this topic.

I'd love to know what you find out. It'd be super interesting!

I've always shipped overseas, back since 1998, but I haven't done any selling since COVID and Brexit happened. We now have a post office 5 mins down the road, which is the irony. But I don't know how Brexit has impacted things. Before Brexit it would have been really easy to ship ponies to Poland, and it wouldn't have been that expensive either. But now we're not in the EU, there's the risk of import duty from the UK.

However you might have better luck looking on German ebay or to other European sellers (maybe even on here) from within the EU, see what the shipping costs are like. I know there are quite a lot of French and Dutch ponypeople as well.

I guess not everyone is able to send stuff overseas (I personally don't have a post office near me and using certain shipping options would mean going to a town near me so in most cases using that delivery option is not worth it for me since paying to get to the spot may costs more then the gain from selling an item).

I most likely will look for some sellers (I do need to probably get an idea which ponies that I want to get first, currently I don't have a proper list for G1's).
I did some French seller that had shipping that wasn't too high (they were mostly selling G2's but I think they did have two G1's for sale too).

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I still think g5 is kinda ugly and too g4-ish.

Pipp is kind of boring in colors, scheme and personality. She's quickly becoming my least favorite of the new core cast. She's okay I guess.

I'm not excited about the possibility of the Basic Fun Flower Fantasy set. They're just...there and I wish they'd picked a different one.

I'm sort of in the middle re: the Flower Fantasies. On the one hand, they've never interested me ("they're just... there" is a PERFECT way to describe them) and I'll almost certainly be passing on them. On the other hand, I do like that they're branching out a bit and going for a more obscure set - I like it when the obscure stuff gets some love.


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