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I like the gen 3.5 ponies in fact I am looking for just one more mom pony and that is about it. I do have a newborn MIB though I got at a church sale.

I think BBE ponies are super cute, and I have one that only one one works, when you lay her down. That also changes what eye closes depend on what side she is laid on.

I also love the flutters with fat heads , they are cute to me.

Oh, I don't like So Softs, either. You can barely see their symbols!! And their pretty colours get covered up. It's annoying since a lot of SS ponies have beautiful colours and/or symbols...

Also, idk if this is a popular or unpopular opinion or what, but I don't like First Tooth babies, either. I dunno, the tooth just looks weird to me.


--- Quote from: LadyMoondancer on March 29, 2017, 04:17:33 PM ---I don't like Wind Whistler's cartoon personality.  I always felt like she was purposely throwing word-of-the-day vocabulary into her speech to look smart when she was not, in fact, particularly clever.  She still needed a twelve year old girl to take charge, you know what I'm sayin'?

--- End quote ---
I do love her cartoon personality myself, but at the same time, I agree with you.  I think the writers just kept a thesaurus nearby when they were writing episodes featuring Wind Whistler, or something.  That seems to be how it was back then (and maybe still is), an easy way to clue the audience in on who the clever character was was to have them use big words (and possibly have one of the other characters respond with a line like "In English, please?" to further emphasise this).

As for my unpopular opinions, well the first one that springs to mind is that I love the term "cutie mark", I think every generation's cartoons look like ponies, with the exception of the non-G1 baby ponies, I thought "Slice of Life" was good, and not that fan pandering, or at least not so much so it got in the way of the episode, and (last one, for now at least) I actually view season four onwards of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as lighter and softer than the preceding seasons, despite it possibly trying to be darker and edgier.

My very first thought when I saw this thread was "I don't think Rapunzel is anything special", guess that's not so terribly unpopular after all! :P

G3 is probably my favorite generation toy wise  :blush: I know it got kinda lazy towards the end, but there were some truly unique and fun designs in its run! I like the more detailed symbols.

I also think the G4.5/reboot molds are adorable, to the point where I've been willing to re-buy ponies I already had to get the new pose.

I don't like sea ponies.


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