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What are some of your unpopular pony opinions?

I like most 3D symbols. Cutie Cascades, Princess Ponies, Magic Scenes, Precious Pockets, Secret Surprise, Merry Go Rounds.

I love tinsel hair. It's so beautiful, especially when it sparkles and flashes in sunlight.

I love Drink n Wets and don't care that they pee.

I don't like the Mimic pose. It's my least favorite unicorn pose.

I don't like certain Collector Status Ponies like;

Mimic, if she were more green and less yellow and were on a different pose, I'd be desperately wanting her, because her hair is unique and gorgeous and I adore Twinkle Eyes and the color of hers especially.

I don't get the love for Rapunzel either. She's just blah to me and I don't care for her colors and symbol.

I don't like the original six, I mean I like some of their colors, but that pose bugs me. If they'd looked more like the tweaked pose on Swirly Whirly, I'd love to get some of them.

I love the Gingerbread and Tootsie poses. I think they're cute.

I love gradient color and cascading symbol G3s. I think they're stunning and unique.

I don't like G4, I have a few special toys I keep, because they're unique enough for me to want them around and like them, but the ponies look seriously deformed and the show is merely okay.

The Rapunzel thing so much.

I don't like Gusty. She is the equivalent of a 90s webpage with a green background and red text.

I like Moondancer's pose.  (But not on Sugar Sweet, it doesn't look good on her.)

I don't like Wind Whistler's cartoon personality.  I always felt like she was purposely throwing word-of-the-day vocabulary into her speech to look smart when she was not, in fact, particularly clever.  She still needed a twelve year old girl to take charge, you know what I'm sayin'?

Ooooh, I love threads like these.

I don't really get all the hype about Mimic and Rapunzel, either. I mean, they're alright, but.. -shrug- They don't really appeal to me (which is probably a good thing given how expensive they are XD).

I genuinely like the Running Press Firefly. Also I dislike the nickname "Fakiefly" for her, mostly cause it's misleading. Like.. I get that it's a joke, I understand that, but still..

I'm not particularly interested in Friendship is Magic, never have been. (I mean, I'm sure it's not all bad and I do like some of the songs and stuff, but *in general* it's just not my thing) Also I can't stand the "Winter Wrap-Up" song and that seems to be one of the more popular ones?

I loved the Equestria Girls dolls (well, I still do) and I really don't like the EQG Minis...

I know a lot of people want G1 characters to return in G4/be released as G4 ponies/whatever but honestly I don't really care either way; I'd rather have new characters. I dunno. It's funny cause I love cross-gen customs, but official-wise I'd rather just have something new? It's weird, idk.

Also I don't really care whether or not sea ponies return to G4. (I guess this is moot what with the movie's merponies-that-will-probably-be-called-"seaponies", but you know) I mean, I like sea ponies well enough, but idk I'd rather have boy ponies or something XD

I don't like punzie either haha!! Her hair is a mess

I'm really excited about g4 seaponies : ) seaponies were my favorite favorite thing about g1, and I am intrigued to see what g4 does with them. I don't think it's about copying verbatim, I think it's about interpreting an idea and rolling with it in their own way!! I can't wait to see the g4 movie.

My girlfriend absolutely Loves gradient g3s but I still think they're a little too ostentatious for me :' D  I'm really more on a minimalist than she is.

I don't like Rapunzel. Pink with blond hair? I'll pass. If I had her, I'd sell her and buy a million of Twilight Sparkles and Pinkie Pies. What? I'm still missing like 150 versions in my G4 collection!
I like G3.5. Just not the babies. And G2.
I like plush body plastic head baby ponies. They're adorable. I wish human babies were this cute, I'd have forty.
I like G4.5. I want customs on these fresh molds!
I love huge complex symbols and weird gimmicks. Also tinsel. If it fits the colors of course.
I love neon ponies! Tropical theme is my favourite in all gens.
I love tons of colors in pony hair. Rainbow haired ponies are cool. Aren't these two colored ponies boring?


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