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Would you be interested in this adoptable? (FINISHED, opening this weekend!)

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Hi there, fellow artists! :art:

So, I've had this pixel lineart made up for quite a while, but never got around to offering it as an adoptable. Look, it's Firefly! :D

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(Original drawing by Hasbro, pixel interpretation by moi.)

What do you think? Constructive criticism greatly appreciated! ^.^ Please note that if I do end up offering this adoptable, it will be somewhat limited and probably a bit slow in the works as I am currently very busy with schoolwork.


Twilight Pink:
I would love one of my precious Twilight Pink! :D

very nicely done.
i only have one pegasus character, I'd love to get one of her.
but she's a bit more bubbly. don't think i've ever see her angry or intense.

still amazingly well done.

:bump: Thanks, rosier! Anyone else interested?

On, I love it! If you do decide to make them, I would love to have one of my persona Midnight Sun, she's in my avatar.



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