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Hi ponies  ^.^

Welcome to the new Nirvana Gallery Donations thread!  This is the place where you can post your nirvana picture donations.
Here is a link to the Gallery ~


Or if you are a member of the Facebook group

So please, post the pictures you wish to donate here. As soon as your picture is added it will be deleted from the thread and also serve as an indicator that your picture is now part of the gallery!
All the pictures that are donated will be watermarked with the following phrase "MLParena Nirvana Gallery". This is done to help prevent image theft. Please respect the Nirvana Gallery and the MLParena and do not take pictures for use on eBay, personal sales or webpages.
We do have a few important requests:
1. Please review the Nirvana gallery before posting a picture. If the pony is not already listed, we will add it. If it is already listed, it is at the discretion of the moderators to select the best picture.
2. When possible, try to take the picture in good light and with a solid colour background.
3. MOC pictures welcome!

If you wish to donate a picture, but do not wish to have your name credited as the donator please PM me your picture and state in your PM that you wish for your donation to be anonymous

I have compiled a guideline list of ponies which we are looking to add to the nirvana gallery. This list is by no means accurate and I have done my best to list all the missing ponies, though I have a feeling many have escaped! I still need to work on lists for few areas though.

The Nirvana Gallery is for G1 ponies only and items that are not included are: merchandise, PVC figures, G2, G3 or G4 ponies.
What is missing from the nirvana gallery is NIRVANA PONY WEAR! That is pony wear that was made in Argentina, Brazil, Greece, Peru, Spain (for piggy ponies) and India. Pony wear that is not included is UK pony wear or US pony wear on foreign cards.
Ponies we are looking to add to the gallery are as follows ~

Please note this list is just a guideline and there are still ponies we don't know about
South Africa
MOC/MIB pictures welcome (We can dream!)

Argentina ~ pony wear pictures needed!
MOC/MIB pictures welcome
Cotton Candy ~ green eyes
Applejack ~ short hair
Sparkler blue with lilac hair
Sparkler pink with yellow hair
Orange Lickerty with pale pink hair
Moonstone Shy Pose ~ red, white and blue stripe instead of green
South Star (North Star) ~ red, yellow, blue stripe
Wind shy pose ~ blue, yellow and red stripe
White Paradise
Gingerbread with green hair
Gingerbread with pink hair
Baby Cotton Candy with red hair
Brazil ~ pony wear pictures needed!
MOC/MIB pictures welcome
Minty with purple hair
Twist with darker red hair
Birthflowers ~ All known ponies shown, MOC pictures welcome
Colombia ~ this list is not quite up to date with all the Colombian variants that have been found!

MOC/MIB pictures welcome
Lilac Bluebelle  (purple hair and blue stars)
Green Bluebelle  (purple hair and purple stars)
Green Bluebelle  (yellow hair and yellow stars)
Blue Bluebelle (red hair and hot pink symbols)
Yellow Bluebelle (green hair and green symbols)
Yellow and Aqua Bluebell
Blue Blossom (blue with bright red hair)
Yellow Blossom (yellow hair and orange symbols)
Yellow Blossom (blonde hair and orange symbols)
Yellow Blossom (red hair and red symbols)
Lilac Bowtie (blond hair and blue symbols)
Hot pink Bowtie (green hair and green symbols)
White Bowtie (blue rainbow hair and blue symbols)
Blue and white Bowtie
Cream Applejack (with peachy/rainbow mane)
Baby star Pegasus (lilac with pink hair and pink stars) (ember's head and firefly's body)
Star Pegasus Baby Pink and Yellow image broken
Baby Apple Delight (blue)
Baby Apple Delight (yellow)
Baby Apple Delight (lilac)
Baby Blossom (blue with yellow mane and white symbols)
First tooth Pegasus (blue with lilac hair and star symbols)
First tooth Pegasus (blue with yellow hair and yellow star symbol)
First tooth Pegasus (blue body and no symbols or hair)
Earth baby in blue with red hair and red star symbols
Aqua and Yellow Baby Star Earth Pony
Dutch ~ All known ponies shown, MOC pictures welcome
MOC/MIB pictures welcome
Skydancer with green hair and pink stripe
German ~ All known ponies shown, MOC pictures welcome.
MOC/MIB pictures welcome
Cotton Candy with white hair
Cotton Candy with dark eyes
Blossom with pink hair
Glory with blue mane and pink stripe
Windy in walking pose/Moondancer pose
Greek Pony wear ~ Possible variants of pony wear missing.
Looking for stamped eye and airbrush eye collectors ponies! Please also state hoof marks (either two or four feet stamped and pat pend) thanks!

MOC/MIB pictures welcome

Trickles with green and red stripe
Starflower with green and red stripe
Flutterbye with green and red stripe (I am speculating)

India ~ pony wear pictures missing
MOC/MIB pictures welcome

Blonde Butterscotch (lighter coloured hair compared to regular Indian Butterscotch)

MOC/MIB pictures welcome

Takara Adult ponies:
Ochame Fashion Ami-Ami (green hair with braids)
Ochame Fashion Kuru-Kuru (Blue hair)
Super Long Stylish Hair Pinky
Super Long Stylish Hair Milky

Takara pony wear, accessory sets, playsets and unfinished/prototypes.
Macau ~ All known ponies shown, MOC pictures welcome
MOC/MIB pictures welcome
Lily Ledy Collectors pose ponies PLEASE STATE IF FF OR CF thank you!
Cotton Candy ~ lily ledy FF
Butterscotch ~ lily ledy CF version
Minty ~ lily ledy FF version
Bluebell ~ lily ledy CF version

Possible symbol variants of the Collectors Pose ponies, Cherries Jubilee and Starflower.

Peru ~ all pony wear pictures needed!
MOC/MIB pictures welcome
Lilac unicorn, with rainbow hair and Bowtie's symbol
White Peru Moonstone (picture upgrade)

Flash Prance/Work Out type outfit
Bedtime outfit
Spain ~ Please state hoof marks either NC or Spain
MOC/MIB pictures welcome

Spain marked Starflower
Spain marked Trickles
Spain marked Confetti

NC marked Sundae Best ponies
Peppermint Crunch

NC marked Precious Pocket ponies
Magic Hat?
Lil Pocket?

NC Starlight Babies
Baby Night Song (white earth Baby)
Baby Stella (orange earth Baby)

Spanish piggy ponies
Piggy flash prance outfit (with piggy style shoes)
Piggy roller skating outfit (with piggy roller skates)

Blossom (pink body and blue hair) filled in symbols
Blossom (lilac and lilac hair) fat symbols?
Rayito (orange body and yellow hair with 6 starburst symbol)
Snuzzle/Loly Pop/Perla (grey body and pink hair) with rounded heart symbols

Perla with Blossom's symbols (peach, white hair and white Blossom symbols)

Possible variations of Blue Belle regular and yellow hair?

Thailand (excluding Baby Fancy Pants)
MOC/MIB pictures welcome
Venezuela ~ there may be variations I have not listed!
MOC/MIB/MIP pictures welcome

Medley yellow with pink hair
Medley white with yellow hair

Starshine pink with pink hair
Starshine white, blue symbol and red hair

Posey white with yellow hair and yellow symbols
Posey green with yellow hair
Posey dark pink/purple with yellow hair
Posey pink with yellow hair image broken

Applejack yellow with bright red hair
Applejack blue with coral hair
Applejack orange with yellow hair

Cotton Candy pink with blue hair
Cotton Candy blue with red hair

Blossom pink with red hair and blue symbols

Lickety Split yellow with pink hair and green symbols
Lickety Split orange with yellow hair

Cherries white with dark pink hair
Cherries green/yellow with blue hair
Cherries yellow with yellow hair
Unfinished Venezuelan ponies and squeaky butt ponies!
Princess Variants
Any MIB/MOC/MIP pictures welcome!
Princess Amber
Clear symbol, prongs in, thin, yellow tail with no tinsel

Princess Aquamarine
Pink hair with tri-coloured tinsel
White mane and tail

Princess Sapphire
Clear symbol, pink mane with pink tinsel, blue tail with pink tinsel
Princess Amethyst
Aqua mane with blue tinsel and aqua tail with no tinsel and Princess Sunbeam's symbol
Pink mane with tri-coloured tinsel and Princess Sunbeam's symbol

Princess Happy Tails and Happy Tails variants
Any MIB/MOC/MIP pictures welcome!

Bobbie with pink hair and pink giraffe symbols
Bobbie with no symbols, pink tail and no mane

Tabby body, blue symbols, Princess Ruby head, blue mane and tail with pink tinsel

UK Flutters: half finished flutters with mismatched manes and tails
Any MIB pictures welcome!

Morning Glory with blue tail
Forget me Knot with blue tail

UK Summer and Windy Wing ponies
These often have missing manes/tail, the wrong wings and the wrong colour wing plug.

~ 10th Anniversary Pony with yellow streamers instead of lilac
~ Beddy Bye Eye Sunlight
~ Baby Count-a-Lot with Baby Meadowsweet's hair
~ Bluebelle with Cotton Candy's symbols (seen in catalogues)
~ Painted prototype ponies
~ Unfinished ponies (missing mane and tail holes and paint work)
~ Clay, wax or resin ponies
~ Anything else odd that's not been mentioned
If you have any questions please PM myself or the lovely LadyG.
Finally I would like to say a HUGE thank you too all those who have already donated pictures to the nirvana gallery. Without your picture donations the nirvana gallery would not be what it is today, so THANK YOU.

Love pkw xxx

Hi! Im willing to donate some photos of ponies that already exist,but photographed with DSLR, is that acceptable or will be too much in MB to be uploaded?


--- Quote from: farfallinaki on January 17, 2021, 07:03:26 AM ---Hi! Im willing to donate some photos of ponies that already exist,but photographed with DSLR, is that acceptable or will be too much in MB to be uploaded?

--- End quote ---

I think it might be too much MB, I have had to resize the images so they are smaller.

However if any of the images are "better" than the current image, it might be worth me upgrading the image :)

Love pkw xxx


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