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Mummy Charm adoptables -- *CLOSED* Pickups!!!

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These are going to be small, simple adoptables. It doesn't have wings, flutter wings, a horn, or furry feet. Just a plain ol' Mummy Charm charming simpleness.

These are so simple that I don't mind if you request more than one! (However, I ask you spread out the requests if you do wish for more than one. Let others have a turn.)

By the way, these are scented.  ^.^ You probably won't notice unless you have an upgraded, newfangled smell-o-monitor. You can get one at the computer store for a skillion dollars. If you don't have a skillion dollars, you can just tell us what it smells like anyway, just for fun. We'll pretend.

My Sunflower smells like the desert after a rainfall. Heavy in creosote with a dash of juniper. :D I could sniff all day! When I make Lilac, she'll quite probably smell like . . . lilacs. :nod:

Pony: (reference guide encouraged)
Colors of flowers: (tail and mouth flowers)
Scent: (just for fun)

Wow SDS, so cute!!
I would love to have Clover :hope:

Colors of flowers: (tail: White with green leafs. and mouth flowers: Mint green/blue)
Scent: A perfect smell of a beautiful orchid flower. Clover loves to hang out with Orchid Love in the orchid-garden and sometimes Clover takes some orchid-flowers and in the end..eats them! She loves the smell of orchid so much and today she found a very special: a mint one :bateyes:

Here you go. visitors can't see pics , please register or login

That's a lovely scent. ^.^

Aaaw I love her!! :heart: thank you ^.^

These are cute!

Pony: Duster (link in sig)
Flowers: Red
Scent: Incensey stuff like dragon's blood and nag champa. Duster is a prehistoric pony and her agent should bring back some anvient images.


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