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Thank you for the updates!

Sweet Daes:
Seller: mass.sub.culture

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Stole money and is fishing for higher bids on an item that was already sold as according to eBay's system.

love.-2184 non paying buyer, bought over $100 in ponies and never paid.


--- Quote from: slj84 on December 27, 2018, 08:19:36 PM ---love.-2184 non paying buyer, bought over $100 in ponies and never paid.

--- End quote ---
Sorry you have had this trouble!  :(  Was this on Ebay?

Yep, I sent several invoices and emailed them directly.  Finally opened a non paying bidder complaint.  I have a second one who also bought over $100 in stuff with no payment so far.  Total for both non payers $260.  I’m giving the second another day before I post their eBay name.  One has a feedback of 0 the other has 1.  I guess I will need to go back to blocking anyone with less then 5 feedback.

south.par79 is the second buyer who also bought over $100 worth of ponies with no payment.


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