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Here's another one for the list, purchased a pony item, didn't pay even after a couple emails and opened a case.  gaylesponies

Hey mods, Perhaps we should restart this thread anew every year?

I haven't updated in awhile so here's the previous 12 months of non paying buyers. I sell mainly vintage toys and I have a pay within 4 business days of purchase note on my sales before I open a case and I usually wait an extra two days anyways.

karswindel_0 - vintage Disney vhs
keiko-82 - lot of g4 ponies
melissamicaelcolmnvida-0 - lot of action figs
anabemayt_0 - lot of action figs
marimartine_32- sailor moon figs
peytowagone_0 - sailor moon figs

Sweet Daes:
I just closed a case on acacievan4 for not paying for this and placed them on my block list:

Been pretty lucky the last 6 months and only had one lidi_8462 purchased a Bowtie pony and never paid despite a case being opened and a message sent.

Sweet Daes:
acaev_96 committed to  buying one of my items and we are fast approaching 24hrs since they initiated the transaction. acaev_96 is the same person as acacievan4, same address and all, from back in July.

I will edit this post with an update if they don't pay again, but what's really irritating is that their other account is on my ignore list. Regardless of payment or not, I am going to block this new account when everything is resolved.

Listing in question:

UPDATE: 9/12/2018
Sent a second message and opened an unpaid item case. Next update will be on the 16th when I can close if they still refuse to pay.

UPDATE: 9/16/2018
I closed out the unpaid item case. They didn't pay, so this is the second account that I had an issue with that belonged to them. I sent them a message with the formal request to leave me alone. Seller beware.

Even more of an update:


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