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Your Assignment: STOMP big Signatures!

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199px × 200px x 70.97 KB
142px × 182px x 29.42 KB

No. The first image alone is too heavy.

Thanks to whatever sweet mod or admin put my book image in the "extra info" section. :) I really appreciate it!  I made my signature all text, and it's perfect.

oh :( sorry, i don't know info about signatures... i change it tommorow, i hope i know how to do it...  ^.^

Twilight Pink:
Hi, is my signature alright?
Its an adoptable from an adoptable website called Chicken Smoothie... (I didn't put the URL down along in the BBcode)
CS pets don't need clicks to grow, they just grow within time ^^"

Is my Marilyn Manson horse too big? Dx or not allowed? (The items around him could be giving that "too big" illusion ._. )

Thanks in advance! XD

Sorry, it is much too big. The weight is 138.85 KB (limit 60) and it's too tall as well.


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