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Your Assignment: STOMP big Signatures!

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visitors can't see pics , please register or login
visitors can't see pics , please register or login

 This crabby pony's name is "Big Sigs." She's big, heavy, an eyesore, and slows everyone down. With micro-sized wings, she doesn't fly, either. She's the bane of the Arena's existence. We are calling on all members to help stomp out big signatures.
 These are the Rules:
 All signatures must fit within an area 500 pixels LONG and 200 pixels HIGH.
 Total signature "weight" must be less than 60k.
 Signatures with no graphics may have up to five lines of text.
 Signatures with graphics can have up to two lines of text.
 One Ticker at a time - with NO other signature graphics or text.
 Note regarding any click-to-grows (dragon eggs, etc) - limit is 3 without any other pics, and 1 with.

visitors can't see pics , please register or login

 visitors can't see pics , please register or login

 ^^ All signatures must fit within that rectangle. You may have as many images as you like within it, as long as it fits. When your signature is too big, you can expect a visit from our olive-green gal there. She's awfully grumpy, too.
 There are a couple of different ways to get your signature resized, just in case you find it difficult to do yourself.
 * You could PM SourdoughStomper, Kiwi, or Loa for help.
 * Or you could try this website or this one.
 Remember: only you can prevent "Big Sigs" from paying you a visit!

 What does "weight" mean?
 Weight - simply put - is the size of your picture. To find out the size of your signature pictures, right click (on the pic) and choose Properties. There you will see the size in either KB or Bytes. The TOTAL (all pics combined) weight is 60 KB (or 61,440 Bytes).
 What types of pictures are the worst for being heavy weights?
 PNG files, animations, and movie/video clips are the ones with the heaviest file sizes.
 What options do I have to lower the weight?
 PNG files are the easiest - re-save the picture in either a JPG or GIF format. Those are a lot lower in size.
 Animations and clips - you can save to a lower quality. Might not look as great, but it should fit better.
 If you still have questions about your signature, or are having trouble resizing an image, feel free to PM one of the above listed Mods/Admins, or post here, and we will try to help you out. :)

Strike system

All sig replacements are tracked individually - and each counts as 1 strike.

If a member reaches Strike #4 - their signature privileges are revoked for 1 week. This means you will not be able to access your signature at all.

After that week the strikes reset. If Strike #4 is reached a second time (a total of 8 strikes), signature privileges will be revoked for 1 month.

Afterwards the strikes reset once more. Should Strike #4 be reached a third time (a total of 12 strikes), your signature privileges will be revoked indefinitely.

Remember - your signature is a privilege, and you are expected to abide by the rules as you agreed to upon joining the site. If you are not able to do so, you lose that privilege.

Special Note: members that post in the Sigs forum to have their sigs checked, and do return to fix their sigs if needed, will not be hit by Big Bertha and thus will avoid getting a strike on their account.

 If you need help or have any questions, please post here or PM SourdoughStomper or Kiwi. :cool:

Just checking my sig. Thanks in advance :)

263px × 129px x 8.71 KB
142px × 182px x 29.42 KB

Looks good :)

Thank you :flow:


--- Quote from: Kiwi on January 09, 2014, 05:31:07 PM ---263px × 129px x 8.71 KB
142px × 182px x 29.42 KB

Looks good :)

--- End quote ---

Is it still okay?  :blush:


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