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I'm not doing very well at finding a hotel. I'm looking for something as close to the fair hotel as possible but less than $100 a night. Other wise I'll stay with the fair. Can anyone give me a good site to use to compare prices?


Expedia.com is what I always use.  I think there's a Best Western nearby in Franklin near the Mariott that's about $70/night.  I think you may have to cross the parkway though, but it's a little cheaper.  Looks like there's also a Quality Inn & Suites in Franklin around $70, as well...  Just go to Expedia and you'll be able to get all your options, how far they are from Franklin, pricing, and any amenities the hotel offers!

I usually start with hotels.com to compare general internet prices.   

Then I check Hotwire and Priceline Express Deals.  Both sites are searchable by area (Franklin/Cool Springs area) and have very discounted rates. The downside is that you aren't told the name of the hotel (just a little basic information) until after you book, and the booking is non-refundable.   I usually only use these sites when it's much closer to the time I'm staying there, in case my plans change.    I use the website www.betterbidding.com, which can help you figure out what hotel you might be getting based on what others have booked in the past.

thank you both. I booked my room with the fair for a just in case. but i'm still looking for something cheaper.

Please consider staying in the host hotel. It benefits the Fair as well as future Fair events. It helps us keep admission prices down for the Fair. Typically, the more hotel rooms we book as a group, the better rate we get on rental space... so ticket prices can remain reasonable for everyone and we can continue to offer free children's admission.

We understand that everyone has a limited budget and you want to get the best deal, but please consider staying at the host hotel if you can. Saving $10-$15 on a hotel room could cause the Fair tickets to increase by $10-$15 in the future.

We feel that the Marriott is offering a very fair and affordable rate and a lot of negotiating went into getting this rate for our attendees. We appreciate your support by staying at the host hotel if you are able.


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