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~180 photos! I think it's best to just link my flickr set than to upload them all on the arena here ^^;
If you want me to tag your name on you, your booth, your custom work, etc. let me know!
(I think flickr users can add notes to the photos but I'm pretty sure I disabled tagging.)
I had such a wonderful time. :biggrin: I was a little worried I'd get lonely going by myself but everyone was so nice and to those I was able to talk with, I'm glad I got to meet you!  ^.^
The highlights for me were meeting other collectors in person, the Enterplay panel and people, winning the TRU collector set in the raffle :whoa: and surprisingly the kids. I am not a "kid person" but it was so cute seeing them so excited over ponies! XD
Thank you so much to everyone involved in the fair  :lovey:

and we can see what the named bubbles on the TRU set....lol I thought that's what they would do.

So glad you took so many pictures, because I wanted to take more pictures and of people's costumes but felt weird. I've never been to a con..

Wow- great job with the photos!  How awesome that they had the new friendship set at the fair- everyone's costumes look great!

Omg awesome pics!


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