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Enterplay Promo Foil Cards: S2 Pinkie Pie, S1 Applejack, EQLA Swag! (Poster+Pin)

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Giving this a bump, because HOLY SMOKES, THEY END TODAY!!! EEK!! And they each only have one bid, so there's still plenty of time to snag them for a good price!! Best of luck to you all, and Happy Easter/Passover/Spring Solstice!! (Or if you don't celebrate any of those - happy Sunday! :P)

Giving this a bump - I have two cards for sale in the same listing! I'm trying out a BIN-style auction this time, so please give it a look if you have a moment! ^_^

Bump, still looking for a buyer! Or if you have an offer to make, hit me up! I have a wantlist! ;)


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