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Enterplay Promo Foil Cards: S2 Pinkie Pie, S1 Applejack, EQLA Swag! (Poster+Pin)

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Gonna re-use my old thread here - I have two more cards up for sale! :D And it's an EQLA-palooza this time!

Can't afford to go to EQLA yourself? I feel ya! But now you can recreate the magic of convention-ing with my auction, which contains:
-Both (2) Enterplay Exclusive cards (S1 foil Applejack and S2 Foil Pinkie Pie!)
-2013 EQLA Exclusive WeLoveFine Poster! (Featuring EQLA's OC)
-2012 EQLA Exclusive Pin!

All shipped for the low, low cost of FREE! (Shipping to all international countries will be a flat rate of $30)

Thanks for reading! And if you're interested in either of these cards/poster/pin, please feel free to take a look at my auction!

Old post below~
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Mid-week (and middle of the night LOL) bump! Only two days left on these girls! :) And they're still cheaper than trying to buy them separately on eBay! It looks like Fluttershy's price is rising again, so jump onboard before they're gone!

(This auction will end Sunday evening, at 7:21PM PST/9:21PM EST, just so you know!)

Last three hours!!! Best of luck everyone! ^_^

Bumpy time - more cards for sale! Yes, I did somehow end up with like, three doubles of each card. Oops! That's what I get for dragging non-card-collectors to EQLA. ;)

Giving this a small bump, we're halfway there - only five days left!! Good luck!


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