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Author Topic: Noddy's Wish List  (Read 1437 times)

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Noddy's Wish List
« on: June 24, 2012, 08:09:10 PM »

* G1 * G1 * G1 * G1 *G1 * G1 * G1 * G1 *



Rainbow ponies

Twinkle Eye Ponies
-Bright Eyes

So-Soft ponies
-SS Crumpet
-SS Bangles
-SS Best wishes

Twice As Fancy Ponies
-TAF Muchy
-TAF Nightglider
-TAF Yum  Yum (upgrade)
-TAF Milkyway

Happy Tails Ponies
-Tall Tails

Sweetberry Ponies
-Raspberry Jam
-Blueberry Baskets
-Cranberry Muffins

-Moon Jumper
-Starry Wings

Sweetheart Sisters
-Spring Song
-Frilly Flower
-Sweet Sundrop
-Cha Cha
-Daisy Dancer

Rainbow Curl Ponies
-Stripes (upgrade)

Pretty Ponies
-Flower Dream
-Rosy Love

Flower Fantasy Ponies
-Love Petal

Perfume Puff Ponies
-Red Roses

Colorswirl Ponies
-Love Beam

Big Brother Ponies
-BARNACLE (army pony)

Cookery Ponies
-Vanilla Treat

Flower Ponies

MLP Tales Ponies

Mountain Boys

UK/euro Playset Ponies
-Sweet Clover

NSS Ponies

UK/Euro exclusive adults


Assorted babies
-Baby Nightcap
-Baby Crumpet
-NBBE Baby Ribbon

Newborn Baby Ponies

Baby Boys
-Baby Paws
-Baby Leaper

Teeny Tiny Ponies

Fancy Mermaid Ponies
-Baby Sea Princess
-Baby Sea Shimmer
-Baby Pearly

Baby Ponies and Pretty Pals
-Baby Fleecy
-Baby Lucky Leaf (And Leafy)

Sweetie Baby Ponies
-Baby Licorice

Seaside Baby Ponies
-Baby Splish
-Baby Splash
-Baby Splosh

Starlight Baby Ponies
-Baby Nightsong

Bedtime Newborn Ponies
-Baby Stargaze
-Baby Moondream

Baby Sister Ponies
-Li'l Cupcake
-Li'l Sweetcakes

Birthday Baby Ponies
-Baby Gametime
-Baby Sugarcake

Playschool Baby Ponies
-Baby Alphabet

Jewelry Baby Ponies
-Baby Ruby
-Baby Sapphire
-Baby Diamond


Pony friends

G1 Accessories
-Barnacle's bandanna!
-Barnacle'h hat!

* G2 * G2 * G2 * G2 *G2 * G2 * G2 * G2 *

Baby Dot
Baby Sweet Snowflake
Babies Study and Play
Merry Moments (complete)
Miss Painter
Miss Teacher
Prince Blue Dream
Prince Firefly
Princess Crystal
Princess Silver Rain

* G3 * G3 * G3 * G3 *G3 * G3 * G3 * G3 *


-MLP Fair 2008 UK
-Art Pony (pop)
-Art Pony (underwater)

REGULAR G3s – Prefer loose! Bold ponies are most wanted

-Beach Belle
-Cotton Candy II
-Guava Lava
-May Belle
-Pretty Parasol
-Velvet Bow
-Winter Ice
-Wysteria II

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Re: Noddy's Wish List
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2012, 10:33:36 PM »

- Do you collect anything else besides My little Pony?
I collect superhero stuff. My favorite is Zatanna, and I also love anything Wonder Woman, Batman, or Superman.  I also collect harry potter stuff and anything Ursula
- Other Likes/Interests/Hobbies? (Tell us here a bit more about you)
I am a writer, so I always like notebooks. I have two cats. I'm a pony customizer so will always take baits or customizing supplies.  I also collect BJDs in YoSD and Pukifee size and love getting doll things or fabric with cute small print to sew with. I do a lot of different crafts and love getting things like rubber stamps, washi tape, and other fun craft things. I love stickers, especially ones that are not paper based. I do a lot of Decoden and like cute/pretty cabochons for that. I adore nail polish and can never have too much 
- Would you like to receive a custom? Any special wishes here?
I love customs! Winter themed customs are always appreciated, or customs of my army pony (Barnacle) or my persona ^_^
- What kind of Candy and Snacks do you like?
I love chocolate, and gummies. I really like to try sweets from different places ^_^
- Any Candy Dislikes or Allergies?
I don't like red licorice... just about anything else is fine!

I have a question- can you name your favorite ten food treats?
1. Kit-Kats
2. weird flavored kit-kats (if you can find them!)
3. pop-rocks
4. chocolate covered hob-nobs
5. gummy cola bottles
6. anything banana flavored
7. ginger chews
8. twix
9. weird flavors of pocky
10. licorice alsorts

Is your birthday during the 25 days of gifts?

Do you like scented stuff like candles for example, and if so what scents do you prefer?
I like scented candles, I use them a lot. I'm not too picky over scents, just nothing that smells too chemically. Baked sweet scents are good, and I like pine tree scents a lot too.

Do you have pierced ears?
I do! I mostly just wear things on posts though, not hooks. Better for my silly ears.

Do you like Christmas themed things? If so, what kinds of Christmas stuff? List everything! Candles? Ornaments? Snowmen? Candy? ETC?
I'm hopefully getting a new christmas tree this year - a bigger one - so heck yeah ornaments! Candles, candy, all sorts of things :D I'm not really religious but like the spirit of the season.

Do you collect merchandise?
I do not collect merchandise, per se, but I think it's neat!
What generations of ponies do you collect, are your preference?
I collect G1, some G3, and have a G2 wishlist though I don't have any yet.

Do you have any armies, what is your favourite pony?
I have a Barnacle army, of course. He's my favorite :D

Do you have a ref sheet for your ponysona??
Yup! Here ya go

Do you have children?

Do you wear any kind of jewellery? What's your fave one?
I like jewelry but I don't wear a lot of it. I mostly wear earrings, but I like necklaces too.

Fave animals?
lions, hedgehogs

Does anyone still want Dolly Mix?  If you do which ones?
I only have a few, so I always want more and don't mind duplicates :D

Would you rather lots of low cost ponies or fewer big value ponies?
Doesn't really make a difference to me. at this point I don't have many very cheap ponies left on my list, ao really anything from my wishlist will make me happy ^_^

Do you like accessories/pony wear?

What shirt size do you wear?
I don't wear t-shirts, so no thanks ^_^

Extras/handmades: do you prefer cute/girly, adult/less cute, less girly?
I love cute girly things XD

What ponies would you like to see on handmade items?
Some of my faves are Barnacle, newborn wiggles, MLP tales Bright Eyes, SS cupcake, baby pineapple...

What books/shows do you like?
I'm a huge Harry Potter fan :D I also read a lot of comics, the ones that I read the most being Hellblazer, Zatanna, and Justice League Dark. Some of my favorite TV shows are Dr Who, Torchwood, The West Wing, err... I don't watch a lot of TV really except through Netflix. 

Chinese Zodiac?
Tiger I think? But I'm not really into that.

Anything you'd like from the US?
No, I live here :P

Lotions, soaps, makeup, nail polish?
Naaaaiillll polish! I love nail polish, all nail polish, all colors :D Maybe even some christmas colors? Or if you're shopping around halloween time some crazy UV or GITD... <3 Lotions, soaps, and makeup are all accepted as well. I have a huge makeup stash so I'm never really in need of anything, but it's always fun.

Toys for pets?
Sure! My cats can always stand to be spoiled. Favorite knids of toys are little fabric or plush things like mice and bears, and anything with catnip, omnomnom.

Disney stuff?
I do love Disney, but I'm not really a collector of Disney stuff. UNLESS you find things with Ursula. I love love love Ursula and might start hoarding Ursula stuff one of these days :D
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Re: Noddy's Wish List
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2013, 12:56:19 AM »
If you wish some of the exclusives you can try eBay, if no one here has it. ^.^

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Re: Noddy's Wish List
« Reply #3 on: January 09, 2014, 12:20:13 PM »
Woot, post-Christmas update complete!


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