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Author Topic: Snapdragon's Want List: G1, G2, G3, Dollymix, G4  (Read 3233 times)

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Snapdragon's Want List: G1, G2, G3, Dollymix, G4
« on: June 09, 2012, 01:45:46 AM »
Hi everyone! Please feel free to check out the bolded headers if you need to skip down a section, I know it's long! Sorry!!

FLAWS: I'm pretty forgiving in my ponies, flaw-wise. I generally prefer to buy a "good" or "very good" condition pony, rather than spend a fortune on a "mint" one. Unless it says 'upgrade', chances are I might want to take a look at the pony anyway, despite whatever flaws she may have.  So don't feel shy! Just make sure to describe all her flaws before the sale, please! I love restoring ponies! :) One of my least favorite flaws is head/body mismatch, though!

ARMY INFO:I am ALWAYS on the lookout for Big Brothers, in any condition! ESPECIALLY baity ones!!! Some people have armies of a single pony; I sort of have a rescue home/army of male ponies!  Help me fill my Big Brother Rescue Fraternity, won't you?

BAIT INFO: I'm a customizer, so I'm also on the lookout for baity ponies!

HQG1C I also collect the HQG1C (High Quality G1 Custom) pony reproductions! I'm ALWAYS eager for more baits to customize, and I'm trying to collect the 'main line' of ponies too! I've fallen a bit behind, so right now I need most of the scented sisters, and the flutter-pose ponies!

Thanks! ^^

SNAPDRAGON'S OFFICIAL WANT LIST: (as of December 13, 2018!)

Generation 1 (1980's ponies)

My Pretty Pony (both)

Minty (Flat Foot)
Cotton Candy (Flat Foot) - need mint upgrade)

Year 2:


Year 3:

Applejack II/long hair



Sea Breeze
Sea Mist
Wave Jumper
High Tide
Sand Dollar

Baby Seaponies:

Baby Seashimmer
Baby Sea Star
Baby Surf Rider
Baby Tiny Bubbles (upgrade?)

Year 4:

So Softs:
Cherries Jubilee

Twinkle Eyed:

Sky Rocket (upgrade, I have 3 meh ones!)

Baby Heart Throb

Baby Pearly Seaponies:

Water Lily
Sea Shimmer
Surf Rider

Megan (So Soft vers)

Year 5:

So Soft:
Taffy (slight upgrade to fully-fuzzed one)

Princess Ponies:




First Tooth Babies:

Baby North Star (upgrade, mine is chewed)
Baby Lickety-Split (upgrade, bad hair)

Newborn Twins:

Dibbles & Nibbles (need upgrade for both)

Baby Seaponies:

Sea Breeze

Slumber Party Gift Pack:

Pink Dreams

Year 6:



Princess Ponies:

Pristina (upgrade)

Happy Tails Pony:


Magic Message Pony:

Magic Hat (Upgrade, with intact symbol)
Cloud Dreamer

Peek a Boo Babies:


Newborn Twins:

Puddles & Peeks

Color Change Baby Seaponies:

Wave Dancer

Sweetberry Ponies:

Cranberry Muffins
Cherry Treats
Strawberry Surprise

Brush N Grow Ponies:
Pretty Vision (upgrade, mine is turning brown)

Year 7:

Merry Go Round:

Diamond Dreams

Candy Cane:

Lemon Treats
Mint Dreams
Sugar Apple (Upgrade, mine is yellowed)

Sunshine Ponies:

Sand Digger (upgrade)

Perfume Puff Ponies:

Dainty Dahlia
Daisy Sweet (upgrade needed w/yellow hair)
Red Roses
Sweet Lily (Upgrade .. with hair. XD)

Dance N' Prance:

Tap Dancer

Princess Brush N Grow:

Star Gleamer
Glittering Gem

Loving Family:

Alternate UK baby for Sweet Celebrations

Fancy Pants Baby:

Baby Bows
Baby Starburst (upgrade)

Playtime baby brothers:

Baby Leaper

Windy Wing Pony:

Cool Breeze
Sun Glider (upgrade)
Flurry (would love a mint one, but this is a very minor upgrade, as mine's only flaw is trimmed hair)
Starry Wings

Baby Pony and Pretty Pal:

Baby Stripes and Baby Nectar
Baby Fleecy
Baby Lucky Leaf and Baby Leafy
Baby Pockets and Baby Hoppy

Sparkle Ponies
Star Hopper (mine is buzzed)

Year 8:

Tropical Ponies:

Pina Colada (upgrade, mint hair)

Sweetsteps Ballerina:

Twinkle Dancer

Prom SHS:

Pretty Belle

Rainbow Curl Ponies
Stripes (upgrade; have two baity girls with awful hair!)

Year 9:

Rockin Beat:
Half Note

Glow N Show:


Precious Pocket:

Lil Pocket
Sweet Pocket (upgrade w/ butterfly on string)
Bunny Hop
Bubblefish (upgrade w/ fishy on string)

Pretty Pony (SHS):

Rosy Love
Flower Dream

Secret Surprise ponies:

Seceet Beauty (upgrade w/saddle)
Stardazzle (upgrade w/saddle)
Pretty Puff
Secret Star (upgrade w/ saddle)

Year 10:

Flower Fantasy:

Love Petal
Sweet Blossom

Sippin Soda:

Chocolate Delight

Paradise Baby:

Baby Pineapple
Baby Palm Tree

Fancy Mermaid Pony:

Baby Sea Shimmer
Baby Pearly

Teeny Pony Twins:

Sniffles and Snookums


-Baby Lemon Drop
-Baby Cuddles, BBE
-Baby Sleepie Pie, BBE
-Baby Half Note, NBBE
-Baby Crumpet
-Satin 'n Lace
    -So Soft
-ALL MO sparkle ponies
-Lil' Cupcake
-Lil' Sweetcake (upgrade)
-Pearlized Baby Blossom
- " Baby Cotton Candy
- " Baby Firefly
- " Baby Surprise
-Baby Sugarcake
-Baby Gametime

TAF Babies:
Baby Dancing Butterflies
Baby Milky Way
Baby Sugarberry
Baby Sweet Tooth
Baby Up, Up, And Away

-Sweet Scoops
-Valentine's Baby Pony: Purple


-Carnation (January)
-Morning Glory (September)
-Chrysanthemum (November)


Mommy Charms:

All, except for Laugh-A-Lot

+Duck Soup (upgrade)
+Twinkles (upgrade)
+Snowball? (white dog)


All EXCEPT for Cotton Candy, Parasol (closed mouth).

My Little Puppy/Kitty/Bunny:

I need them all EXCEPT for the "Dreamy Siamese" set.

Dream Beauties:

I need them all except Dream Gleamer and Morning Glory!

Petite Playsets:

All except castle

Petites: (a whole bunch of these)
Sparkle Ponies: ALL except pink
Twinkle Ponies: All
Bright Sight: All
Glowing Magic: All


UK ponies:

NEEDED: Tornado!!

All needed EXCEPT (meaning, I have these ones):
NSS Shady
NSS Magic Star
NSS Wind Whistler
Baby Hopscotch
Baby Applejack
Baby Bowtie
Baby (white) Pony
Baby Alphabet
Baby Schoolbag
Baby Susie
UK Seapony Surfdancer
UK Seapony Sea Spray
Ice Crystal
UK MLP Tales Ponies:
+ Starlight
+ Sweetheart
+ Melody
+ Bright Eyes
+ Patch
+ Clover
+ Bon Bon

Mostly, I need the Euro exclusive ponies. D: I have most of the US releases, so it's a bit pointless to list the huuuuuge list of Euro G2s I need. Rather, I will list the ponies that I already have!


ALL Euros except Princess Silver Swirl and Twinkle Star
All babies except the princess twins:
Giggles and Wiggles
Sweetheart and Trueheart
Fire and Flame

US-Release Wants:

Sugar Belle
Secret Tale
Sweet Berry

Basket Surprise with Sweet Berry & Ivy
Special Birthday Magic with Light Heart & Sundance

I generally want these MIB, unless it’s a very rare or HTF pony!


Pinkie Pie
Toola Roola
Sweetie Belle
Mainsail (mismatch variation)
Minty (mismatch variation)

So-Soft Baby ponies:

Bon Appetit 
Bright Night
Tripsy Daisy
Angel Dove
Sneezy Sniffles
Soapy Smiles


Pink Petals
Purple Petunia
Zippy Zinna
Orange Flower
Willow Whisp
Dancing Daffodil
Zipzee II
Darling Dayflower


Amberlocks II (dollar store release)
Beach Belle
Blossomforth III
Baby Boogie Woogie
Bunches o’ Fun (dollar gift-pack variant)
Candy Cane (upgrade to MIB)
Caribbean Delight
-“Inspiration” 7pack
-Cheerilee w cowboy hat
Comic Con Pony (aqua hair variant)
Crowning Glory
Cute Curtsey (Carriage pony)
Darling Dahlia (Sweet Reflections Dress Shop)
Day Lily
Doseydotes (Easter)
Garden Wishes (unicorn)
Goodie Goodie (Sweet Reflections Dress Shop)
Baby Hokey Pokey
Jade Garden (SLH)
Magic Marigold (variant?)
Minty III (Wing Wishes)
Minty VI (intl DVD set)
Misty Blue
Pinkie Pie:
-II (Whimsical Winter With)
-III (Pie Party With)
-Press Kit   
-Inspirational words
-2-pack w/ Sweetie Belle
-Crown/painted-on body designs
-Easter Egg (international?)
-Taco Bueno
Pearly Pie
Petite Petunia
Pony Project TAF
Pretty Palace
Rainbow Dash:
-Name on leg
-printed-on necklace
Rainbow Swirl I? (lost? where did the hoe go)
-Licensing Show
-short-hair variation (Euro)
Rhapsody Ribbons
Ribbons and Hearts (Cancer promo pony)
Rosey Posey
Royal Beauty #1 (White, slh)
-Inspirational Words
Serendipity II (intl easter egg)
Serendipity (Sharing Tea With)
Shenanigans II
Silver Rain
Snowdrop Swirl (intl SLH)
Snowflake (upgrade to MIB)
Sno Glow (carriage)
Sparkleworks II???
Starbeam II
Star Dasher
Sunny Salsa (mib)
Sweetberry II, Birthday Celebration With
Sweet Breeze II (Balloon set)
Sweetie Belle
-Easter Egg two-pack???
-Inspirational Words
-Lollipop/extra paint
Sweetsong III
Toodleoo (Easter)
Toola Roola:
-II (Wing Wishes With)
-Inspirational words
-Pallette/extra paint
Twinkle Hope
Twilight Pink
Winter Snow
Wondermint (I thought I had her!?)
Wysteria IV

And, all chibi ponies EXCEPT for:

Pinkie Pie's Balloon House
Minty's Christmas Tree set
Minty Christmas Tube
Valentine's Day Tubes
Easter Egg Chibis

Sweet Reflections Dress Shop
UK-only Crystal Rainbow Castle Bathtub

This is tricky, because I'm sporadically keeping up with the releases in-stores as they come out, but I 'gave up' about a year ago with buying everything. Please PM me links to what you have to be sure! I also prefer to buy these MIB, just so I can be sure the hair quality is halfway-terrible vs totally terrible, and all of the accessories are there!

Definitely need:
Walmart MLP Movie figures/pirate versions of Main 6. (I only have Captain Celeano and the big guy with a hook hand)
Almost all of the water-globe versions
Zilla Ponies: All!

Blind Bags:
Wave 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24

Merponies: Rarity, Twilight Sparkle (brushable hair)

I also collect:
Barbie (primarily going after MTMs right now and cheap lots of clothes, esp neon/90s!)
Monster High (I have quite a few of these already!)
Fairy Tails
Sweetie Kitty/Pups
Lady Lovely Locks
and Hairdorables!

I collect a lot of 'cute' things, so if there's something you have to trade you don't see listed, PM me! Chances are good I'll enjoy it! (The only plush I'll be looking at would be very specific Beanie Babies and Kitty/Puppy Surprise, due to allergy issues with plush. :'()

Thank you for reading!!
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Re: G4 Daisy Dreams (with bangs), Skywishes?
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2012, 09:00:06 AM »
I have one left with bangs MIB :) Just Pm if interested!
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Re: G4 Daisy Dreams (with bangs), Skywishes?
« Reply #2 on: June 13, 2012, 02:14:58 AM »
There was close to an ARMY of skywishes at the local TrU last time I checked, I could pick one up for you?
Shipping might be really expensive though.

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Re: G4 Daisy Dreams (with bangs)
« Reply #3 on: June 14, 2012, 12:24:57 AM »
Thanks for replying, you two! I really appreciate it! ^_^

@Silversnow, I really appreciate the offer, but she's a little too pricey for me right now! But thank you for letting me know anyway!

@Bongine, I should have updated the thread sooner, I think I've found someone! :) But in case it doesn't go through, I'll shoot you a PM! Thanks for the offer! :heart:
Commissions and sales are currently closed due to pandemic.~*~Sales!~*~Want List ~*~JAFFACAKE!


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