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PC and question on G1 Flutter wings


Is there really a difference between flutter wings? Example does Rosedust and Peach Blossom have different wings?
I read somewhere that there's difference between colour and etc.

And how much costs one pair of real flutter wings?
I think that they are quite expensive?

Yes the first release flutter wings have their tabs in the same colour as the body of the pony whereas the second edition  have a clear plastic tab. The change was, I believe, to make the wings more durable and prevent them breaking of as easily as the first you will know this made little to no difference!

The wings themselves are the same style, colour and design - its just the tabs.

I would happily spend at least $25 per set of "real" Flutter wings but some people may be willing to pay more - they dont come up as a set by themselves all too often.


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