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Scarletjul is putting sales and trades on hold until 2/14



My family and I are in the process of moving everything out of our house so that contractors can repair our roof/floors and repaint our walls.  As such, I cannot reach any of my ponies for sale for now and all of my sales and trades are on hold until I can reach them again.  That should be soon after February 14th.  :)

I'll be out of the house starting 1/30 but will still have internet access and can answer pms and e-mails.

I also don't have any pending sales or trades at the moment, so this is just a head's up, just in case.  :)


Wow! Hope your house gets fixed soon!

Thanks for letting us know :hug:  I hope the repairs go well and your house is fixed soon :)

Thanks for the heads up!  Good luck with the house repairs.  :)

Best of luck on the reno!


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