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Hello every-pony!

The new site looks pretty cool.  However, I've noticed some of my old posts haven't been moved over, so I think I'll bring over some of the artwork from those old posts here.  I'm going to start with some sketches from my most recent commissions first, and then go from there.

 visitors can't see pics , please register or login
  visitors can't see pics , please register or login

The first sketch is for .... LINA!  Dang, I almost forgot her name!  ^^

She wanted an image of her two OC'S, Burning Heart and Candy... uh, Gloss?  Ack! I forgot! I'm so terrible!  Anyway, Burning Heart tends to be a bit depressed so it's up to... uh, I'll just call her Candy for short for now - anyway, it's up to Candy to cheer her up.  Well, what better way to cheer ANY pony up but by taking 'em for a run?  EVERY pony loves to run.  I mean, you ever just sat and watched a horse?  They can go from grazing all the day long to romping and bucking all over the pasture. 

What a life.

The second sketch is for a fellow deviant on Deviant Art whose pen name is .... MiesterPanda?  Well, it's something like that anyway. 

This artist requested a family pic of their pony ocs, or their family as ponies.  And they're on a hike.  They live in sunny California and really enjoy picnics and hiking so I went with the hiking theme and even dug up what kind of flora and fauna they have.  Hence the quail and the little blue bellied swift lizard. 

Kind of a cute little thing.

Anyway, that's all for now.

More to follow.

So cute!! I love pencil sketches!

Those are very pretty!!!  Do you have larger files?

they look great so far! can't wait to see the large version :heart:

Oh my! :wow: Those are outstanding! :heart: Great drawings.


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