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Taking art commissions :D


Hi everyone!! I'm Xion and i'd like to start taking art commissions :3
 :blush: :blush:
What Are you willing to draw?
Well as I said I can draw a wide variety of things however at present I am very limited when it comes to the full human anatomy so here's a list of what I can draw:
Animals: Wolves, horses, dragons, kittens, dogs whatever you can think up ^^
Chibis: I can draw full body chibis in a large variety of poses.
Portraits: Facial portraits of anime characters I can draw so if you'd like a self portrait or a picture of your favourite anime character I can do that for you.
Pokemon: Oh yes of course I can draw pokemon whether you want gijinka, plushie drawings, chibi are serious style pokemon art I can draw them.
Top body/full body anime/manga characters- I can draw these, they will take longer and a lot more work but I am willing to do these for people.
Can't see what you want here? No worries feel free to ask me :3
 :P :P
Rules/Regulations/Right etc
If you purchase a piece of art from me my signature MUST NOT be removed at any point.
If you upload the piece of artwork or post it anyway please post a link back to the original piece so that others know who made it. ^^ You'd be doing me a massive favour in doing that!
Lineart; Upon purchasing lineart from me I shall post on the deviation when I upload it that it is not for public use and only for the use of the owner (The one who purchased it) it will be yours alone to use.
My art must not be resold or claimed as made by yourself or any other individual.
 ^.^ ^.^
How long does it take for you to complete a commission?
 A simple sketch in pencil can take between fifteen minutes and an hour depending on difficulty and the detail involved.
A piece of lineart can take me between 1 and 2 hours to draw.
A shaded piece can take anything between 2 and 4 hours to complete dependent on details and the size of the image.
 :satisfied: :satisfied:
What do you take commissions in and what are your prices?
A simple sketch in pencil (Some photos in the portfolio were not scanned, all commissions will be scanned for a clean clear image HQ image)
Commission Prices Paypal
1 quick sketch $5/£3.21
1 lineart $8/£5
 1 simple shaded picture $12/£7.70
1 detailed shaded picture $16/£10
Prices may be slightly higher for a full body anime character piece of art!! Please note me when asking for a commission so I may give you a quote on pricing :3

 PRICES MAY BE LOWER THESE ARE JUST ESTIMATES. Often prices will be lower than described dependent on simplicity and difficulty of the request :3
How to commission me and payments!!
Simply send me a note to get a commission. (If you would like to see examples of what you want then feel free to request them and I shall link you to some)
Upon recieving your note I will discuss with you the approximate price for your request. Once we have agreed a form of payment and the payment price I can start work on your piece of art.
Payments can be made once your piece of art has been completed and uploaded. Payments MUST BE MADE within 72 hours upon recieving the piece of artwork.
My preferred payment type is Paypal though for some pieces of art I may accept points so please dont be afraid to ask ^^
You can PM me on  here or Note me on my DA
To view my portfolio and more of m art visit

Please feel free to ask any questions ^^
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Cute art, good luck on commissions!  :lovey:

Thank you :D

super cute! the pokémon are adorable, good luck!


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