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Price Check yellow Italy Moondancer please!

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Like the subject says!  :hope:
I have "borrowed" the picture from MylitleWiki...
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Moving to Nirvana for you :) OL1

You might get a better response in the Nirvana forum for this girl :) I'm afraid I'm not sure of a price myself, but I'd guess t's probably at least over $50.

I'd say $60-80. I got mine in a lot with a few other HTF Italians, so I can't say I paid x amount for her.

I would have said around $80ish

Thanks! I thought i lost my post! I'm sorry that i put it in the wrong section! Thanks for the move!

Ok then...that's quite a lot...! Thank you for the responds!

*I lit a little of the curtain....i'm in the middle of a great buy from someones childhoods! ;-)*


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