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Author Topic: Styxlver's Wishlists (MLPs & more for reference...currently buying vtg LPS)  (Read 1811 times)

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  Hi, and thanks for taking a look at my Wishlist (at the moment it covers my 'wanted' vintage Littlest Pet Shop, Li'l Litters, vintage MLPs, and Charmkins).   Right now, I’m really only looking to purchase or trade for vintage Kenner and Tonka Littlest Pet Shop pieces that I need.   I have some rarer vintage LPS items that I might consider trading for hard-to-find/unique LPS items that I don't have.   I’d also be willing to trade my extra ponies for them, or perhaps even other vintage toys, if I have anything you need.
   I'm especially interested in fake pets directly from vintage LPS molds (horses, cats, & puppies), as well as [similar-looking] Kenner Baby Buddies pet molds.
 Also, I collect fake carriers directly from vintage LPS and vintage Puppy In My Pocket carrier molds (most of the time, these have a heart shape on the door, as well as on the side of the carrier).

    There are even some fake vintage LPS accessories out there, like brushes from Perky Puppy brush mold, square dishes with hearts on the side, and leashes...I'm interested in those as well.
   And finally, I’m always on the lookout for any paper or cardboard LPS items that I don’t have (backcards, boxes, instructions, unused label/sticker sheets, etc), as well as reasonably priced MOC/MIB LPS sets.
 So here’s the rest of my vintage LPS Wish List:
 Merchandise (including but not limited to)...:
 -3 spoons for the teaset (I need 1 aqua bunny spoon, 1 lavender bunny spoon, and 1 lavender kitty spoon)
 -the teapot with the kitty on the lid handle
 -child's flatware set
 -the craft/activity sets
 -electronic handheld game
 1992 Ready to Go pets:
 -Ticklish Toucan dark blue variation (if it exists)
 -Pony 'n Pet Stable accessories

 -would like the cut-out fact card for the Lamb set
 -also need the cut-out fact card from the Sea Lion
 This is a general list of MOC/backcards and boxes I'm looking for...though if you have non-U.S. backcards/boxes, I may still be interested, even if it's not on the list:
 -Magic Monkeys box
 -Bustling Gerbils box
 -Happy Puppies box
 -Frisky Pups box upgrade
 -Slippy Seal backcard
 -Zoo Baby Calf backcard, or MOC set
 -Chirpy Birds box (have cut-outs from it, but wouldn't mind having full box)
 -Hungry Kitties .... would really like MOC
 [Li'l Saddle Filly & Li'l Brush 'n Grow Filly backcards]
 -Pete & Penny backcard
 -Winston Walrus backcard
 -Shamu Family playset box
 [all Jewel Pet backcards except Be-With-Me Birdie’s]
 -Poof ‘n Pretty Skunk backcard, or MOC
 -Carousel box
 -Fluffy Lil Puppies backcard
 -Silky Lil Kitties backcard
 -Kitty Mom & Dad backcard
 -Country Garden Nursery box
 -Country Home Carrying case sleeve
 -Fox backcard, or would really like to purchase MOC someday
 -Kissing Sea Bunny backcard
 -Swingin' Star Sea Monkey backcard
 -Ocean Goin' Guppy Puppy backcard
 -Mommy Mer Catfish backcard
 -Splash 'n Play Cat & Puppy backcard
 -Prance 'n Play Seahorses backcard

Baby Buddies Want List:

- "Dress Me Up Baby" - [have MOC with lavender hat and dark pink birth certificate variants, and have doll, kitten, buggy, blue purse, lipstick applicator,  darker pink dress for kitten, lighter pink hat, and dark pink hat loose...also lavender purple bc with pale yellow sticker]
-lighter pink dress for kitten

- "Sudsy Fun Baby" - [have MOC, and also a loose doll, brown standing pup, pink trunk, transparent blue fish for holding bubbles, pink wand]
-pack of pink bubble solution
-single lavender with bright yellow sticker birth certificate

- "Dig 'n Play Twins" - [have MIB set with white bucket, pink shovel, and lavender bone...also have both dolls, the big gray pup, the frog, white shovel, lavender bucket, hot pink bone, and sandbox loose...I assume there's a 3rd variant set of the 3 small accessories that I still need]
-variant pink bucket
-variant white bone

- "Smooch 'n Hug Twins" - [have this set complete w/ all 3 variant colored baskets (pink, aqua, & yellow-green), have yellow-green food dish & pink food dish...may be missing one (blue variant food dish), and want this set either MIB, or just the box itself]
[-I'd imagine there might be an aqua food dish variation to the short single food dish for this set]

--Pool set (have most, but there are some variants I'd like to pick up...I have orange starfish, purple starfish, magenta sunglasses, orange sunglasses, purple sunglasses, magenta goggles, orange goggles, purple goggles, and purple bottle.  Also have a golden yellow bottle from the same mold (not same color as Nursery one, that may be a variant for this set?)
-variant golden yellow goggles (saw a pic of them once)
-may be variant yellow sunglasses (should be getting)
-probably a magenta pink starfish
-may be a golden yellow starfish
-probably a pink/magenta shampoo bottle
-probably an orange shampoo bottle

Here are some of the fake Baby Buddies pets that I would like to get (the ones I know of, at least).  Also, always on the lookout for fake Baby Buddies dolls:

-off-white bobble-butt bunny
-apricot (peachy-pink) mouse (re-sculpted bunny...has this bunny's body & mouse head)

-loose transparent blue one ear up/one ear down bunny
-gray mouse (re-sculpted bunny...this bunny's body & mouse head)

-loose transparent blue crouching kitten
-gray re-sculpted crouching kitten

-loose yellow transparent sitting kitten w/curled tail
-apricot (pinky-peach) re-sculpted mold sitting kitten w/curled tail

-apricot (pinky-peach) re-sculpted one foot up/one foot down pup


 I collect Kitty, Kitty Kittens (& friends), and I'm on the lookout for any I don't already have. 

 I also really like Li’l Litters and eventually would like to expand my collection of them.   I still have to get:
 -Adorable Angora – need lavender with purple eyes baby bunny
 -Cuddly Cottontail – have loose and MOC
- Fancy Floppy - need both babies...aqua with purple eyes and pink with aqua eyes
 -Happy Hopper – need mom bunny (peach lop-eared with blue tail)
 [And most all “Nursery Families” pets]
 -Perky Persian family
 -Sudsy Angora Family
 -Slumber Time Siamese Family
 -Scrub-a-Dub Spaniels Family (need all except for pink baby pup for this set)
 -Sweet Dreams Poodles Family
 -Funtime Spaniels Family (need all except for the mint green baby pup for this set)

 I would love to get more Japanese G1 MLP keychains someday, particularly Sugarberry.  I have the 2 Christmas babies and baby Brightbow.

 I have some Dolly Mix ponies (Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Toola Roola, Lickety Split, Tic-Tac-Toe, Cotton Candy, Snuzzle, Blossom, Sundance, Medley, Gusty, Shady, Cherries Jubilee, & Firefly) and would be happy to get others. :) Think I also have Mainsail, but need to locate & put with others.

 This is a long list of G1 MLPs that I don’t own yet (the LPS has always kind of been a priority, lol).   For the moment, this is just a personal wishlist so I have an online way to keep track of the ponies I need; currently, I’m not looking to buy or trade for these.
 Year 1
 -FF Minty upgrade
 Year 2
 -UK Collector's pose Applejack
 -UK Collector's pose Bowtie
 Year 3
 -Adult Sea Pony Sea Breeze
 -Adult Sea Pony Whitecap
 -Adult Sea Pony Sea Mist
 -Adult Sea Pony Wave Jumper
 -Adult Sea Pony High Tide
 -Adult Sea Pony Sand Dollar
 -Baby Sea Pony Sea Star (regular yellow with purple hair)
 Year 4
 -Pearly Baby Sea Pony Beachcomber (blue with blue hair)
 -Pearly Baby Sea Pony Surf Rider (lavender with white hair)
 Year 5
 -Baby Sea Pony Wavy (lavender with pink hair & white paint necklace)
 -Baby Sea Pony Sea Spray (pink with white hair and purplish paint necklace
 Year 6
 -TAF Munchy
 -TAF Yum Yum upgrade (but have a really baity one at a yard sale that I want to try to restore)
 -BnG Pretty Vision upgrade as mine has non-removable pink marks
 -Newborn baby Shovels (blue twin)
 -Watercolor Baby Sea pony Misty (orangish with white hair, looking ahead)
 -Watercolor Baby Sea pony Foamy (greenish with white hair, looking up)
 -Watercolor Baby Sea pony Seawinkle (orangish with white hair, looking up)
 -Pony Friend Cha Cha Llama
 -Pony Friend Oakly Moose
 -Cranberry Muffins
 -Cherry Treats upgrade eventually (mine is cream with pindot)
 Year 7
 -Candy Cane Mint Dreams upgrade
 Year 9
 -need a tail for Glow 'n Show Pony Starglow
 -Glow 'n Show Pony Dazzleglow (blue hearts version)
 -Precious Pocket Pony Li’l Pocket (blue with pig pocket symbol)
 -Precious Pocket Pony Sweet Pocket (purple with pink flower pocket symbol)
 -SHS Pretty Ponies Flower Dream upgrade (mine has haircut)
 -Secret Surprise Pony Secret Star upgrade...have one, but is rough and saddle doesn't work (purple)
 -Secret Surprise Pony Stardazzle (pink)
 -Secret Surprise Pony Pretty Puff with working latch (or see if one I have can be repaired) (white)
 [would like to get Secret Surprise Pony keys as well, have a pink one]
 Year 10
 -Sippin' Soda pink Chocolate Delight's soda
 -Sippin’ Soda purple Strawberry Scoops' soda
 -Sundazzle SHS Sunglory upgrade (yellow one)
 -SHS Sweet Kisses Lovin' Kisses upgrade (white with pink tinsel hair)

Accessories to focus on:
- Would like hats for 4-Speed (construction), Salty (sailor), Tex (cowboy), & Slugger (baseball cap)

-Would like bandannas for 4-Speed (purple), Quarterback (pink), Tex (medium blue), & Wig Wam (more denim colored blue)
 Mail Order/Playset Etc.:
 -FF Peachy
 -Sprinkles upgrade
 -Pink Sprinkles
 -Magenta Satin 'n Lace (have lavender & SS)
 -Lil Sweetcake
 -Lil Cupcake
 -TAF Baby Milky Way
 -TAF Baby Up, Up, And Away
 -Pearly Baby Moondancer
 -Pearly Baby Firefly
 -Pearly Baby Cotton Candy
 -Stockings adult Christmas Pony in Collector's pose
 -Birthflower pony June (yellowing and pindot; need upgrade)
 -BBE Cuddles
 -Baby Sugarcake (have one from Lara to restore)
 -Baby Gametime
 -Sweet Scoops (& her charm)
 -Mommy & Baby Pony

-- Some of the 'foreign' ponies that are at the top of my list that I'd love to own someday include...
-Jewelry Baby Sapphire
-NBBE babies (baby Gusty and baby Ribbon)
-German baby Honeycomb
-Starlight Baby Ponies (have Baby Mischief & Baby Nightsong)
-Baby Applejack
-the Romance Ponies
-MLP Tales ponies (have Melody)
-the Hair-do Ponies (except Beautiful Bows, who I have)

 This should be the non-U. S. ponies that I own:
 -Mummy Berrytown
 -Mummy Sunburst (purchased from Lara, Pony Fair 2019)
 -Tales character Melody
 -UK Hair-Do Beautiful Bows
 -7 Tales Sweetheart
 -Baby Susie (& her puppy, Spot)
 -Baby Billie (and I have her bunny too, but it has some condition issues)
 -Baby Katie (Fair 2015) and her kitten
 -Baby Ruby (wears repro ring & necklace made by shelvesofwhimsy, from Fair 2018)
 -Baby Diamond (Christmas 2017, with repro ring & necklace)
 -Baby Sapphire (Christmas 2020 from Lara)
 -Baby Candy (from Mom, Christmas 2020)
 -Baby Lollipop (purchased from girls, 2020)
 -Baby Fun ‘n Games
 -White Activity Club Baby Pony (pretty baity though, needs at least a rehair)
 -Activity Club Baby Dots 'n Hearts in package
 -UK Princess Sparkle – nice, but doesn’t light-up anymore
 -Prize Day Rosette (need to rehair her forelock)
 -Sports Time
 -Painting Time
 -Music Time
 -Play Time with bag and comb
 -Tutti Frutti
 -Kiss & Tell
 -Baby Lemondrop
 -Baby Lemondrop (No Country version, need to touch up eyes and rehair some plugs)
 -Baby Bowtie
 -Sundance (No Country version)
 -Daddy Bright Bouquet (No Country version, chewed feet, need to replace missing tail someday)
 -Pinwheel (No Country, fair condition)
 -German Baby Glory
 -German Baby Hopscotch
 -German Honeycomb (faded symbols and pindot)
 -Mexican Snuzzle
 -Mexican Banana Surprise (light blue hair version)
 -Mexican Peppermint Crunch
 -Mexican Baby Quackers (lots of flaws but I love it, Fair 2018 from Lara)
 -Mexican Apple Jack (from Lara, Christmas 2018)
 -Mexican Cotton Candy (from Lara, Christmas 2018)
 -Mexican Baby Cotton Candy (getting from Lara, Christmas 2020)
 -Italian Bowtie
 -Italian Cherries Jubilee
 -Italian Tickle
 -Italian Peachy – pretty baity
 -Italian Applejack
 -Italian Lickety Split
 -Italian Hopscotch - rehaired, but very pretty (Fair 2013)
 -Italian Starflower (Fair 2016)
 -Italian White Tootsie (Fair 2016)
 -Italian Trickles (to restore...missing ear/feet that need resculpted/repainted)
 -Italian Parasol (from Lara, Christmas 2019)
 -Dutch Baby Rabbit
 -Dutch Shell pony
 -Dutch Candy pony - from Fair 2013
 -Dutch Butterfly pony (Fair 2016)
 -Dutch Baby Cat (Fair 2019)
 -UK Magic Star with repaired ear (needs to be repainted still)
 -Shy Pose Confetti
 -NSS Shady
 -Colombian pink w/ yellow trees daddy pony!
 -Mountain Boy Thundercloud
 -Mountain Boy Icey [Christmas 2017...return to Lara if ever upgraded :)]
 -Mountain Boy Sunburst (no tail & a few cancer spots, Fair 2018...return to Lara if ever upgraded)
 -NBBE Baby Heart Throb
 -Kisscurl (Fair 2015)
 -Starlight Baby Mischief (pink pegasus w/kites symbol...Fair 2015)
 -Starlight Baby Nightsong (white baby...Christmas 2017)
 -UK Bedtime Newborn Baby Sunset (Fair 2015)
 -UK Baby Brother Apple Delight (Fair 2016)
 -UK Baby Brother Bright Bouquet
 -UK Baby Sister Sweet Celebrations (Fair 2019)
 -UK Baby Bridesmaid (Fair 2016)
 -UK (European) Lemon Drop (from Lara, Christmas 2019)
 -UK (European) Tuneful (from Lara, Christmas 2019)
 -Argentina Baby Cotton Candy (lots of flaws, but I still love it...Fair 2016)
 -Argentina(?) Dance N Prance (no mechanism) (from Lara, Christmas 2016)
 -Brazilian Heart Throb (from Lara, Christmas 2018)
 -Brazilian Cotton Candy (from girls, Christmas 2020)
 -Brazilian Minty (from girls, Christmas 2020)
 -Brazilian Butterscotch (from girls, Christmas 2020)
 -Brazilian Bluebell (from girls, Christmas 2020, white spots in plastics)
 -Peruvian Baby Cotton Candy (lots of flaws but I love it, Fair 2018 from Lara)
 -Peruvian Baby Bowtie (from Lara, bday 2019)
 -Peruvian Applejack (from Lara, Christmas 2019)
 -Greek Baby Cotton Candy (Fair 2019)
 -Spanish Sweet Tooth (EBay 2020)

[would like some more deflocks too...have North Star & currently working on an Angel, got deflocked Paradise & Best Wishes from Jana (update with Fair 2019 deflocks & Christmas 2019 ponies]

 Charmkins that I still need to get (reference page:
 -Hyacinthia & butterfly hair barrette
 -Morning Glory & bow hair clip
 -Pixie pony's necklace (have charm & clip)
 -Petal Pink puppy
 -Poison Ivy's necklace
 -Rosie Raccoon, pink with white details clip, & pink/white striped choker
 -Violet skunk & her bobby pin hair accessory
 -Bouncing Bet, Half-Inch Worm, & pink tag accessory
 -Twinkle and Snowflower Swan
 -ChrysantheMum & Whippoorwill bird
 [-pale lavender with white details clip for Mollyberry]
 [-hair comb accessory for Sweet Beth]
 [-pink and white Sweetheart Swing accessory and pink cord necklace for Lily Belle]

Topps Baby Wild Animals I need:

- #2 Pom Pom lion figure
- #13 Posy skunk figure

- #2 - Card for Pom Pom Lion
- #5 - Card for Knuckles Chimp
- #13 - Card for Posy Skunk
- #18 - Card for Snowflake Polar Bear
- #23 - Card for Scurry Cheetah

There are some Calico Critters/Sylvanian families I'd really like to get:

-Pony/horse figures

A few random toys I'm still trying to find for sentimental reasons:

-Yellow Potato Chip cheerleader Popple in good condition

Zelfs I Have...(need to update with Fair 2019 additions)

- Flamy the dragon Zelf (Series 1)
- Garny the dark fairy Zelf (Series 1)
- Angelala the angel Zelf (Series 1)
- Vampula the vampire Zelf (Series 1)
- Buttershy, loose from thrift store
- Lunanne the moon fairy Zelf (Series 1, has opened package)
- Lady B the ladybug Zelf (Series 2, loose)
- Catsby the blue/purple cat Zelf (Series 2)
- Frostette Cupcake Zelf (from Zelicious series)
- Flitter Dragonfly Zelf (from Zelicious series)
- Buttershy Berry Butterfly Zelf (from Zelicious series)
- Spellinda a Mint Witch Zelf (from Zelicious series)

- Super Zelf Buttershy, loose
- Super Zelf Mermalade, loose
- Super Zelfs Spellinda, loose
- Super Zelf Deeno the dino
- Super Zelf Lil D
- Super Zelfs Hightail the unicorn
- Have 9 of the mini pencil toppers with little flower pots (Series 1)
- Have loose pearlized green with magenta hair mini pencil topper

- Float the cloud Zelf
- Dolly the magical moth Zelf
- Ty Foon the storm Zelf
- Sealia the seahorse Zelf
- Cupie the cupid Zelf
- Chi the Chihuahua Zelf
- Sugar Bunny the rabbit Zelf
- Lullaby the unicorn Zelf
- Pandela the panda Zelf
- Toadstool the frog Zelf, loose (playset exclusive)
- Koolah the koala
- Zebbie the zebra
- Royal P the peacock
- Talleen the giraffe
- Petal the green garden pixie
- Oceana the water dragon

- Galaxia the galaxy Zelf
- Joy Drop the garden fairy
- Stardust the shooting star Zelf
- Finley the koi fish
- Polly Roger
- Daisy-May
- Ooma the red panda
- Cyril the Squirrel
- Smoothie the monkey
- Billy the duck
- Wizzkas the cat
- Cindy the cow

- Sugar Bunny Crystal Zelfs
- Angelala Crystal Zelfs
- So-Anne teddy bear Crystal Zelfs
- Starkle Crystal Zelfs
- Moona Crystal Zelfs
- Moonicorn Crystal Zelfs
- Butterfly Friends Forever 3-pack Crystal Zelfs
- Super Zelfs Baabera the sheep
- Super Zelfs So-Anne glitter teddy bear
- Super Zelfs Talon the Griffin Zelf

- Bubblee bubble gum scented Zelf
- Cheeky Tiki vanilla scented Zelf
- Vampula strawberry scented Zelf

[have several from trip that need to be added]

My Zelfs Wants (the ones I like but don't have) are:

- Jewely the Ruby Zelf (really want to pick her up loose someday...I know she's htf, but I'd like her for my "Ruby" collection) :)
- love Snowphie the white tiger, but she's also a htf 'chase' figure, so not likely to find her
- the large, white "Design Your Own" Zelf is appealing if it happens to be on clearance or something
- Flittabell the swallowtail butterfly
- maybe Hibiscus
- Pearleen the mermaid, but this is the limited edition one for this round so not really expecting to find it

Super Zelfs:
- Super Zelfs Snowanne
- Super Zelfs Ditty Dot
- maybe Super Zelfs Lilly the goat
- maybe Super Zelfs Bella Blossom

- small, blind bag style ones

Other things I collect & need to photo/list specifics:

-Fraggle Rock (need several vtg plush and vtg Applause figures, among other things)
-Other Jim Henson stuff [not so much Muppets, but Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, "Tale of the Easter Bunny Picnic" (I have 2 different "Bean" bunny plush), and Creature Workshop fantasy-type creatures]
-Serendipity books/merchandise (have a mini Leo the Lop plush, 2 frame puzzles, 2 NIP rub-on transfers)
-Surprise Pets (Puppy, Kitty, Bunny, Cub, Pony)
-Some mini Pound pets (Puppies, Kitties, etc.)
-Glo Bug figures (need to add list eventually)
-original "Letter People" stuff
-Nosy Bears (need blue Chexter with pink balloon nose, and several smaller "shaker" bears and bunnies)
-Yum Yums plush
-cool arcade stuff (love 80s handheld games, 80s robots, Pac-man themed, Space Invaders themed, Tetris themed stuff)
-Nintendo character vintage merchandise, particularly Princess Peach
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