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Finally finished my first digital g4

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Copy Cat:
 :art: Most of my sketches are done on paper. So I'm glad to finally have a digital drawing. It took a lot longer then I had hoped since my hd crashed not too long ago and I lost a lot of data. But I finally have most of everything set up including my art programs. This is Dizzy Spells, a unicorn created by my boyfriend. She goes along with my own OC which I have yet to digitalize. So here she is, let me know what you think. Also I did not draw the back ground.

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What a cute design, you did a great job capturing the FiM style  :)

Very cute! I like it!

she's so cute! :) and you did a great job on the g4 style.

Very nice, you did well capturing the G4 style! ^^


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