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I got my Twilight Sparkle Art Signed By Twilight (kind of)

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So last week I found out that Tara Strong (the voice of Twilight Sparkle) would be at a nearby anime convention. I drew a Twilight Sparkle ATC and then stood in line for 3 hours so I could have her sign it. I even took a purple sharpie marker so it would match!

So here is my autographed art

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That is soooo cool!!!!  *jealous*  Adorable art too, did she love it?  :)

I actually didn't stick around to chat. There were over 400 people in line so I was just thrilled she signed it and I ran away pretty quickly :3

*is very, very jealous* That's amazing! The card is so cute too - did she compliment it?
Did anyone else notice that Tara Strong's initials are the same as Twilight Sparkle's? ^^

She just smiled. Like I said I was about 3 hours into the line, so I'm sure she was pretty exhausted. I felt lucky to get a smile :)
And yeah! Isn't that weird?!

And thank you guys! I think I'm finally getting the hang of framing ATC art more effectively.


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