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I Want to Know About Reunicorno.

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S/he is gorgeous, but I'm not sure why s/he goes for such a high price. Could a Nirvana expert please share their knowledge with me, like when s/he came out and what type of release s/he was??  :lovey:

He came out only with the Italian Dream Castle I believe. However I don't know too much about Italian releases, so I can't say for sure. I do know that there are 2 versions of him, one in Moondancer's pose and one in Glory's pose.

Do you happen to know why he's called Reunicorno?

Isnt he described as something like Re Unicorno il Conquistatore (in English that's something along the lines of King Unicorn, the Conqueror...and I ll warn you I may have seriously gone wrong with that translation....)

But Re Unicorno translates as King Unicorn - so its a description of what he is and I dont believe he is ever formally given an actual name therefore we call him Re Unicorno

Likewise Spike is just called Dragoberto

I think the Proud pose was the first edition and the Moondancer pose was the second release

I stand to be corrected on all of the above...

Reunicorno is the king for sure !
Agree with the 2 pose versions, but did you notice that he also has so many variants ?
I mean I saw so many of him, different just with the stamping of the stars. Just look closely... It's rare to see 2 kings who are exactly the same...


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