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Actively searching out Os Fofinhos again.

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My birthday is coming up and the Os Fofinhos are on my most wanted list. I had gotten several and they were stolen in the great pony heist of 09 (which included my giant Frilly Frocks  >_< )

So I'm starting to poke with my pony hunting stick.

I need them to add to the Plushie Army!!!

good luck in your hunt :hug:

love pkw xxx

Someone stole your ponies!? That is terrible!! What a strange thing to steal.

Yeah, I lost probably 300-400 ponies, accessories, Frilly Frocks, nirvanas (cheapie Italy and my Os Fofinhos)

My bets are on the apartment manager at the time who had a granddaughter that age. Willing to bet she sold my higher priced ones and gave the rest to the kid. I was trying to get my late hubby out of the nursing home at the time to let him go 'home' somewhere and go in peace. Unfortunately he just got way too sick and I wound up staying at the apartment two nights out of the time I had it. So in reality I was paying rent money for a storage place even thought that wasn't the intent at the time!

By the time I found out the stuff was gone Shadow had passed away and I just had no energy or want to file police reports etc. There was no sign of a break in and the only other people who had keys were my parents and the apartment complex. I don't even know when it happened as I hadn't been by in probably a month and a half at that point.

But ponies are replaceable, even if it's slow going! I concentrate on building the plushie army now anyhow lol. I like them better than regular ponies no matter what shape they're in! Os Fofinhos are just so darn cute I can't resist them though!

That is really, really mean; and a low blow to you when you already had so much to deal with. I'm so sorry that happened.


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