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Unfortunately, sometimes opening a case is the solution...

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As the title say, sometimes opening a case is the -almost- only option for your seller to respond...

I bought a lot on MercadoLibre (México) 12 days ago, the auction was for 10 days and it ended at the starting price, nice, right?

I contacted the seller, got his information to continue the transaction and all, paid on Monday (last week), and the seller said he'll put my package on Friday (13) if not sooner.  No word from him and wrote on Saturday, answered he will put my package this last Monday (16).  No word from him.

I wrote him two more times, Monday and yesterday with no answer.

I've never opened a case before, and really tried to avoid it at all cost, but being more than a week since I paid, I got desperate and finally opened one (I opened it today at 1:00 am -more or less-).  It's some money (a little less than $70.00 USA, but it was my Christma's gift!).

Still no word from him, but received an e-mail (today at 11:00 am) from ML support saying that my case is on revision (I think they called my seller to see what happened with him).  And finally, less than 20 minutes ago, I got a mail from my seller saying he FINALLY put my package on the mail and send me the scanned comprobant of it, and it's asking me to close the case (but not sooner than 72 hours, I have no idea how to contact ML support sooner XD /bricked).

Now, I'll have to wait a week more (more or less) and hope that my package arrives with all the things and in good condition.  I still haven't given him feedback, but I'm almost certain with luck it'll be neutral.

What gets on my nerves is:

I'm really tolerant with waiting, if he have told me the package will take longer to be on its way, I'd say nothing against it (actually, I've even waited more than 2 months for some accessories I bought before, but the seller was really nice and still want to hit myself on not buying more from her -.-), and now, this seller didn't say a thing in a this time?

It stresses me -.-

Even, I'd have prefered if the seller had said:
"Sorry, I was expecting  more for this...  let's cancel..."  than say a "Go on with the transaction!  It'll be on Friday!" then dissappear until I opened the case *sigh*

Thanks for hearing my rant =P

/gives cookies

When my package arrives it'll be on the brag arena (I hope it arrives soon!)

Bad communication/ no communication from some sellers is so frustrating!  :throw:  ... especially when all they need to do is reply and be honest about any delays in posting the item. You were right to open the case as he wasnt responding . I hope that the parcel arrives safely now :hug:

I know -.-

Just a small note on:

"I'm unable to put it this week, I'll put it on -insert date-" is way better than no word at all -.-  (And I wasn't going to pay a long-distance call to search for him when my throat is crazy =P)

When it arrives I'll post it =)

I wouldn't shut the case until your item arrives, as I don't think its possible to re open a case you have already closed, most sellers would be aware of this, and some may try to take advantage of an honest person this way ;)

I hope your parcel arrives soon & that it is in perfect condition, good luck!

It'll take about a week to arrive (I hope less *crosses claws*).

For the case I have 72 hours, okay, I still have a little more of 48 atm, but when the time ends I'll still contact ML and let them now that my seller finally put my package, but it still hasn't arrived, but I want to be protected until it  arrives.


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