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Pony mold advice? :S


I just got a lot of (very dirty) ponies, and some of them have mold all over the inside. It's really gross. I've looked up how to get rid of it, and it seems simple enough...except that one pony is a TE and the other has a glittery symbol.
My question is, is it okay for me to soak them in Oxiclean? I've looked just about everywhere I can think of, and everywhere that even mentions these kind of ponies says NOT to boil them or use Oxyclean on them, but I'm not entirely sure why. :cloud: Is there any other way for me to treat this problem?

Try bathroom mould killer instead, oxyclean apparently destroys glitter, tinsel and things like the shiney symbols on the G1 princesses. It works great, but will eat shiney thing. Mould killer should still be used with caution, and make sure you don't get any on your clothes, it will bleach them, but its a really good thing to have instead of oxyclean at times too (and most of us have some for the bathroom anyhow)

I agree with fingerpaints. I've used bathroom cleaners with success. I'm talking about the foaming cleaners that really work well for heavy soap scum and moldy grout.

You do have to remove the head, and I pull out the tail first. Spray inside the body with the cleaner, and then fill as full of water as possible (without it running out of the tail hole and neck seam). Spray inside the head, and leave that sitting upright for a bit, and to allow the product to start loosening up the gunk. leave for a while and then scrub with an old toothbrush. It should loosen up the bulk of the problem.  Make sure to open the window while you're working, and be extra cautious if you have any breathing problems.

I would have never even thought of that. Thanks so much!!! I'm sure I have some stored away under my sink somewhere.


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