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Yellow stuff at the base of her mane?

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Hi! I purchased 6 very very dirty ponies to try my hand at pony cleaning. Right now I'm working on Sundance and it was going great until now. This has me stumped though:
It is much darker in person. Does anybody know what this is or have any advice to get rid of it? I plan on sunfading her to get rid of the pink highlighter and hopefully her ear yellowing, but the yellow is so close to her hair that I'm scared of ruining it. So far I have only tried dishsoap and it hasn't done a thing.  :huh:  It kind of looks like a mustard stain, lol.

I'm no expert, but my best guess is, it's discoloring from the pink of the mane. Maybe some previous owner tried sunfading her mane or something or re-pinking and that went wrong?

I've seen it too! It's so annoying!
 I hope you can get rid of it!

Thanks!! Yeah it makes sense that it could be discoloring from her mane... what a bummer because her body is almost perfect. D:

Thanks I'll keep trying lol. Is there a source of known chemicals that will damange the hair?

Rarely I've seen glue stain like that in the earlier ponies.  If her head is loose, it wouldn't be a bad idea to open her up and be sure there isn't mold or something growing in the glue at the base of the mane.  I would agree to start with a sun-fading session before considering any other options.


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