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North Star is good luck!


This was the first time that it ever happened to me... I was at my friend's mother's house last night and we were all making dinner together. After the food was ready, I emptied my purse to look for my cellphone and I took out my SS North Star who had journeyed throughout the day in my purse with me (figured she could use the time out to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine). I put North Star on the table with the rest of my junk, right when my friend's mom walks in.

She says, "Oooh, is that a pony?? It is, it's a My Little Pony! I love those things, they are soo cute, I always wanted one!" And she picked up North Star and started petting her.  :biggrin: It made me really excited and happy to see someone else who loved ponies (and pet them, too)! We started talking about them and how there are all different types, and that I have some drawers full of ponies back home, and how she never got any ponies, but how she thought they were really adorable.

The surprising thing is that she is old enough to have had children who were into MLPs (her son, my friend, was born in the late 80's). If she had had a baby girl, she probably would have had a pony-filled house. Instead, she had a boy who was into war history and the military, lol. She seemed to really like North Star so much that I kind of want to get her a so-soft pony just so she can carry her around and pet her whenever she wants. This weekend, we might go out to see a movie, so I might show her my pony collection in my room. I am very surprised and excited, I have never met anyone in real life who was interested in them before!

What a lovely story :) I have met a few other collectors through the boards or through selling on ebay, but never just randomly, none of my friends or their family members have ever shown an interest in them, they do put up with me jabbering on about ponies though ^^

I haven't met any other people interested either... just people around the boards.  Its great to hear that you have found someone!  I'm sure it will be nice to be able to share your hobby with someone else who enjoys it too... in real life!

How sweet! I carry a pony in my purse too!

I don't think she is a collector... just someone who loves the ponies. But maybe I will influence her to start a collection by getting her some ponies for her birthday, muahahaha.


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