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First attempt at a pixel-art pony. Thoughts?

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This was harder than I thought. ><  I couldn't be arsed finishing her symbol because I was just ready to be finished. xD
How do you people do this? D:

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She looks great! What program are you using? I personally use Photoshop Elements and have multiple layers set up for adoptibles. Sometimes though you just have to tinker around until you find the correct way to create a specific persona. Like on my Rainbow Flash adopt I have 8 layers but some personas require more. The template has a the pony base, shading, closed wings, ribbon, cutie mark, open wings, horn and twinkle eye.

I use Photoshop Elements as well. :D

I just had a layer for the lines and a layer for the body colors.

i think pixel art is super hard to do, i hate doing it most of the time. :silly: you did a great job on that one, it looks amazing and there's so much detail!

It looks really great!


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