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G1 baby ID please!

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Heya, sorry if this is a REALLY obvious pony to ID  :blush: but I was wondering if anyone could tell me who it is?

A blue first tooth baby, white hair (faded from pink perhaps?), blue dolphin symbol?

Thank you xxx

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I would guess a custom....she looks like a faded Baby Fifi [at least she has her eye colour] with her pink re-rooted to white and then a dolphin added...

Do you have a larger picture of her and her symbol the picture is really small and you can hardly make out the symbol...

Its a very "sea" colour combination isnt it?

I will ask the lady who sent me the pic to see if she has a larger image - my immediate thought was "oh yes its baby fifi" but the symbol threw me LOL

Hey....it would be completely amazing if she was a one off, previously unknown pony!! We can all live in hope.

Its just that I cant place her at all...the only dolphin symbols I know of are Dutch Baby Dolphin and Baby Sunbright but they look more like cartoon-ish dolphins than what "seems" to be added here.

Exactly! I am glad I'm not the only one who is stumped - I was fully expecting a "DUH PIPER its so-and-so, a common as muck pony - I cant believe you didnt recognise her!!" hahaha

[Edit to add] Lady has said it is not a custom ... she is taking more pics later - I will be sure to post them here! :)


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