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GTA Collectors (Brampton)? Any Ontarians here? Some selling questions.


Hi all,
Need some advice from GTA folks.

I have to visit my parents soon in Brampton.  I need to finish packing anything at their house, selling off anything I no longer want, and anything I do want get it ready to take with me across the country.

I was thinking of Digging out the extras my collection this trip and hopefully re-homing some of my extra stuff to fellow collectors. I kept a lot of duplicates, extra playsets etc (All g1's). I had decent luck last time with craigslist. It seems I ran into more re-sellers then collectors there though. And people wanting vintage for their children. It still took care of my clutter - those weren't the mintiest ponies ever or anything. I know I have some nice stuff stashed and It seems somewhat silly to mail all my sales items home to sell here, or pack and send them on a moving truck if I'm not planning on keeping them. If anyone knows of anywhere else in the Brampton area I could sell things (Good local classified, etc) that would be fantastic. Or know any collectors local to me that may be interested in taking a peek.

We do have quite a few collectors in Canada, I am just not sure where though.

Good luck with your decluttering!

Maybe give Kiwi a shout. I believe she lives there. :)

Thanks! I'm hoping there are still collectors close enough to where my parents live. Being able to find homes for things where they would be appreciated is a plus. Otherwise craigslist it will be. :)


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