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Nirvana cleaning and restoring?

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I just got yesterday my first Peruvian Pony (I'm not going to tell who she is =3), and she's going to need a lot of work to put her in a nice shape (just a thing I can say:  her symbol is almost completely faded).

PWK said the basics, there's really nothing else I can say.

Maybe with white ponies you can use peroxide (?) (H2O2), it has worked with my mexicans (not all).

I completely agree with the rule:


i am sure you will do fine nodivision :)

perhaps we can see pictures once the swap is over? ;)

love pkw xxx

I would be careful with things like peroxide and zit treatment.... I once had a Mexican baby who had had a bit of an accident with one of those with a previous owner and she was rather blotchy!

Well, I think I got pretty lucky - which is good because I was scared! This pony is in pretty lovely condition, so she'll just need a gentle bath :) Yay!

I have to see it was really exciting to open the package. She's not even my pony, but I think I may have caught something *cough cough* Yeah, definitely coming down with something. Must be some sort of bug ;)

oh dear! it is a bug and there is no cure i am afraid!

love pkw xxx


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