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Nirvana cleaning and restoring?

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Hey guys. Nirvana noobie venturing in again.
I know that with Nirvanas there are a lot of different materials used so that when cleaning or restoring there are certain things you can and can't do. Like some ponies you can't use heat on their hair, etc. Maybe some that shouldn't be sunfaded?
Is there a post or site that has some guidelines for what to look out for with certain countries and cleaning techniques if they're different than normal ponies? If not, I feel like that would be really helpful so that a) us noobs don't have to ask questions with every new purchase and b) I don't ruin any really special ponies!
So if there is a post or site, point me there. If not, can I get a general breakdown of some common things to be aware of when cleaning and restoring nirvanas?
Thanks, my worldly ponies ^_^

i suggest you are always slightly cautious when cleaning! if in doubt, DON'T!

bodies ~ always test cleaning products under a hoof! i always start with soap, water and a tooth brush. i am always very cautious about using amything like spot cream or removezit, it can bleach or burn pony plastic. i have bleached nirvana ponies to get rid of mould, but symbols and hair do seem more prone to fading especially the italians with pink symbols. acetone is usually fine, but always test under a hoof as some shiny nirvana ponies can have a dull patch after cleaning with acetone.

hair ~ you can condition and shampoo as normal :) you can straighten most nirvana hair on a low setting, again always test a bit! the only thing i have noticed is that peru green hair is very senstive to heat and wiill frizzle even on a low setting. mexican and brazil hair responds very well to straightening.

symbols ~ don't scrub at metallic symbols the metallic shimmer can come away! the same goes for glittery symbols, no scrubbing!

eyes ~ the same as symbols really!

love pkw xxx

the only thing i have to add is that sunfading doesnt work on brazilians :/ i sunfade a LOT and i live in southern california where the sun is bright year round.. i had a CP parasol and starshine and the sun did basically nothing to remove stains.

the only other rule: POST BEFORE AND AFTER PICS!!!! ... please? ;)

rel you have had some AMAZING results with sunfading! *looks out of her gloomy window*

love pkw xxx

Well, my very first nirvana was picked up from the post office today, so I am pretty excited to get her home and open the package and see what I'm dealing with! The pony is top secret (for a swap) so I can't share pictures, and I'm afraid to even say what country it's from! I'll just be gentle with her :)


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