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My first post on the new arena!   :lol:   So I want an opinion.  I bought a lot of books on ebay on December 17th.  On January 3rd, I hadn't received them and sent an email to the seller asking when they sent them, if they had tracking, etc. (I know that media can take a while, especially over the holidays, but I hadn't heard anything, there was no shipping notice, etc).  They never got back to me, and so on the 9th, I opened a case with ebay (maybe a bit premature, but I wanted to prod the seller into responding to me...I was fine with a wait, but wanted an acknowledgment).  They didn't respond to the case, but on the 13th of January, I receive a FedEx package with the books that had been mailed on January 11th.  Two days after I opened the case!  What feedback should I leave?  On one hand, I got the books, but on the other hand I shouldn't have to open a case in order for the seller to ship them!

Thanks for your help!

I would end the eBay case, and leave appropriate feedback.

 At least a neutral one, if not a negative one.  The seller did not deliver on time!

 That's not very honest in my opinion!

I agree with kittybethy.
I mean really? was it that hard to email you back and let you know something, anything! I mean some people make up their dying for being late on shipping but itleast it's a response.

The last time I left neutral, the seller retaliated with negative.  I went neutral because while the cookies did arrive, the packing stunk so a lot of them were broken.  But still yummy.  Just a thought. 

That is a tough one. Personally, i'd leave a neutral and mark them 1 on the stars for communication and shipping. You did get the item, bust still haven't had any communication.


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