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I have been wanted to get two reference sheets. One for each of my persona's and I just keep putting if off. There are so many artists here that I don't know where to begin. So I'd like to ask that who ever is open to doing two reference sheets for me please post here with a link of your examples and if you are open to trading/cost.

Awww I'd love to but I'm way too swamped with course work right now. :( Hope you'll find someone soon!

I'm swamped too, sorry!!!  :(  But you can check the commissions artist thread -->

Good luck!  :)

I tried checking out the commission page but it seems to just have one page at the moment  :huh:  So I figured I'd give it a shot here
(side note: love the new smilies)

I'm open :D

I don't have any ref sheets that I can show you. If you would want me to do a mock one for a example I would be more then happy to.

I'm open for trading.


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