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Do I owe you feedback?

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I hope its ok to post this in here :P

Ive bought ponies from a few people over the christmas, but with the arena being down I got totally lost in transactions, anyway I know I owe a couple people feedback and dont want to miss out on it, so if I owe you feedback please let me know :)

*waves* well.... If you got it yet.


--- Quote from: KiwiSquirtBottle on January 16, 2012, 09:34:22 AM ---*waves* well.... If you got it yet.

--- End quote ---
I sure did, thanks a million,Ill leave you feedback now!

Its fine to post in here so no worries  :)  I think quite a few people will have the same situation with the xmas holidays and the Arena being down for a while  :awake:

thanks Ringlets :)

I got no other replies so Im just gonna have to browse through my emails..I dont wanna miss anyone :P


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