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Meet Mercury Star

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lol yeah I know what you are saying, I have a pic I have been trying to work on for a while, its a portrait from a photograph, and although what I have done looks amazing, I have to be in the mood to sit & do it, and I really just want to get it finished, its frustrating that I can't just push myself :/

I got my Christmas Card image from about 2 (?) years ago finished just in time for this past Christmas (actually redid some stuff on it, but it is still basically the same image), and was going to use it for my X-mas cards... but my printer decided to be a pill about printing the whole image.  :(

A decent looking...? Gorgeous, more like! I love the way you drew his legs, the hind legs in particular. He looks very regal somehow. And the gradient hair is stunning!

he looks beautiful! i love his stature and the colors of his hair, and he has a very handsome face ^^

Thank you very much, Griffin and Lina!

--- Quote from: Griffin on January 16, 2012, 09:43:07 AM ---I love the way you drew his legs, the hind legs in particular.
--- End quote ---

Haha, his hind legs drove me bonkers when I was sketching out the pose, particularly the near one.   

Doh, I just realized in my haste to get him finished I forgot something... oh well, it wasn't important, anyway! XD


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