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I haven't done a whole lot of pony drawing in the last few years, and when I did, it wasn't for me.   Every time I would sit down in an attempt to draw anything for myself, I would get frustrated and toss it.   Well, I have been wanting to draw a picture of my "new" (several-years-old-now sort of new) ponysona, Mercury.

Whelp, today in a fit of... uh... I don't know, something?   I managed to draw a decent enough looking pony, and got him all colored up.   YAY!

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He doesn't look too thrilled to be put on display.   :yikes:

Oh wow - looks amazing! Its so nice to see some "traditional" artwork still floating around :)

It's all I do... I have a tablet and I tried drawing a picture, but I never got very far.   I can color other people's art with the art program, but when it comes to my own I end up going traditional.   Major problem with me and traditional is how much paper I go through.   

You sound just like me - I have a tablet, but despise it, HATE colouring my own work with it, I love coloured pencils tho. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be the demand for traditional artwork anymore, most people are happy with a computer image, I am not too fussed on that myself, I like something I can touch if that makes any sense :P

Its gorgeous work anyhow, I would love to see more of your artwork ^^

Oh yes, it makes perfect sense! 

I hope to get more art done to post, but there is no telling with me.   Maybe I should pull out some stuff I never finished from years ago and rework it. XD 


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