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Animal companions (x posted)


EDIT: x posted inthe wanted forum
I wasn't too sure where to post this, but thought customs would probably be my best bet.
I am after any animal companions that customisers aren't using, I really am not interested in the ponies, and happy to pay a small fee + postage for any you may have laying around collecting dust.
If you have a few that you want to get rid of, please PM me, I would love to give them a happy home :) doubles / triples ect are fine too, I want most of them for bait material anyhow.

I thought someone here had some for sale.

 You might check out the For Sale forum!

The wanted section might be a good place for it. Aaaand I think I have some pets kicking around somewhere, I'll take a look and drop you a PM.

Thanks ladies, I have cross posted over in the wanted forum, and will get back to you soon Suni :) thanks for the Pm ;)


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