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Light gold/blonde hair comparisons


So I'm looking for a very pale, goldywhite blonde hair colour for a WIP. I'm hoping for that stereotypical 'swedish milkmaid' kind of colour. I'm currently thinking one of the following:
Golden Wheat

Or possible a blend. But the only one I actually have out of the above is Marshmellow, and while it sems like a reasonable match, I'm not sure it quite goes with the body colour, and it might be too pale.
Does anyone have any/all of those colours that they could post a comparison pic of?

Or what do you think would be the best colour?

Thanks! :biggrin:

Edit: I'm heading towards Buttercreme or Goldilocks. Pictures of customs using any of these colours owuld be appreciated, too!

sunlight is very gold and sparkly, i dont know that it would work for what you want
buttercreme is a fabulous color, but very pale

i did a custom re-rooted with a blend of butterscotch and goldilocks:
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I would consider Honeysuckle too.

 I like it!


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