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Showing your friends your collection.

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Have you done it? Or are you a closet collector?

Last night I had a dinner party with several guy friends. In my living room display cabinet were all my custom ponies, as always. I've been comfortable showing them off for quite some time. I finally decided it's time to showcase my original MLP as well, so I devoted the entire bottom shelf to them - Chief, Lavender Lace, piggies Minty and Lemondrop, Greek Sunbeam, Peruvian Windy, Lemon Treats, Sugarberry, Red Roses, Scrumptious, Wigwam, Frankie, Sunburst, German Tiffany, Applejack, Seaflower, Pristina, Magic Star, and Skippy.

Guess what? They couldn't even tell the difference between real MLP and the cool customs! They teased me a little, but it was all in good sport! hehe

Well, I was a closet collector for a few years and have just recently felt more comfortable telling people about my ponies.  My husband is the only one who has really seen my collection.  However, my best friends and my co-workers now know that I am a collector.  My conversation starter is my beautiful Zazzle Summer Winger iPhone case my hubby gave me for Christmas; people see it and they love it! 

I always show my friends as my ponies (the are in my room and my sons room..he is to ypung to complain)... I even have a few friends that when they arrive at my house they make me show them my new ponies cause they love them  :biggrin:

My friends saw my collection in my room when they came over to help out after I had my baby. They were like, "Holy crap! That is a LOT of My Little Ponies!!!" Which makes me laugh because it was only about 1/3 of my collection, the rest is in a tote. :silly: They seemed to like it though and thought they were really pretty.

If anyone enters my room they immediately know I'm a collector. xD
However no one comes in my room but my boyfriend's mom (who I live with) and my boyfriend when he visits. My best friend is very aware of my collection (as she got me into MLP, lol) but she lives in Canada so she's never seen them in person or anything.

I don't hesitate to talk about my ponies or MLP in general, or to post photos. I've got photos all over my Facebook and on deviantART so anyone who cares to look can figure it out very easily. I don't care who knows, and if people give me crap for it I block and ignore them. :3


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