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Italian Seashell hair colour

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I have an Italian Seashell who is bald and needs rehairing...but I have no idea what exact colour her hair would be.
Does anyone know if there's a dollyhair match, or what would be closest? I know regular Seashell is Lucky Clover, could anyone post comparison pics or tell me if they're the same?

Thanks lovelies!

I'm not sure what the best match would be, but I can say for definite that they're not the same colour ;) Italy Seashell is a more emeraldy colour (it's hard to describe!), or moss-y coloured.

I hope you can find a match!

 Nirvanas are tricky!

lucky clover is slight too pale, the italian green is unique and there is no real match.
lucky clover will do for her though, it is just not a match. i guess you could have fun and rehair her with whatever colour you choose ;)
here is a lovely rehair i got in a swap rehaired with a really dark green
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love pkw xxx

I was thinking of a blend of lucky clover and sea nymph, maybe. Hmmmmm. *strokes imaginary beard*


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